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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,104

Journal Archives

The Texas GOP is No Longer Trying to Hide Corruption

Every American should be working to get Trump, Abbott, Paxton, Cornyn, and all of their corruption, (including down-ballot), out of office once and for all.


It's Been a Busy Month for Texas AG, Ken Paxton.

In the age of Trump, the GOP has become more blatant with their deep levels of depravity. Ken Paxton is no exception, as he continues his deplorable behavior.


Special Snowflake and Trumpist Salon Owner Gets a Texas-Sized Smackdown

Special snowflake and Trump-Loving salon owner Shelly Luther got a Texas-Sized smackdown. And, just like that, the RWNJs have a new sweetheart.


Abbott said Our Numbers are Up. Screw it, Let's Open the Rest of Texas.

As we all know, we won't hit our peak until June. They don't even try and hide it now, we are all being sacrificed for the millionaires and billionaires. Abbott just sees the working class, as sacrificial lambs. Baaaa!


Rep. Chip Roy Throws His Support Behind a Criminal This Week

U.S. Rep Chip Roy of Texas’ severely gerrymandered 21st Congressional District sent out his support for a criminal this week. Chip Roy is facing re-election this year and he’s up against Democratic power-house Wendy Davis. Yet, he continues to demonstrate that he doesn’t work for the people of TX21. It's time to vote him out.


Texas' Coronavirus Cover-Up

The state of Texas is aware of hundreds of other coronavirus cases, which they are not reporting on.

This is coronavirus cover-up, at the highest level.


Texas' COVID Response is More than Negligent, It's Nefarious

The biggest thing I've learned while researching the data is that Texas' COVID response, well boils over negligence. It is downright nefarious


Texas is Lying About the TRUE number of COVID Cases - Here is the Proof

In the 11 counties where the numbers are higher and the cases which the DSHS admits to omitting… there are 1,402 more coronavirus cases than the state is reporting. We haven’t even looked at the other 230 counties, yet.


How Much are Texan's Lives Worth to Greg Abbott? Apparently, $5.8 million.

Greg Abbott doesn’t only bathe in blood, he also washes in money. This group of billionaires and corrupt Texas Republicans have been tasked to decide which will come first the livelihood of Texas businesses or Texas lives.

What do you think they’ll decide?


26 Reasons John Cornyn Needs to be Voted Out of Texas in 2020

Tea Party Extremists like Cornyn do not represent us. He panders to special interests and works against the greater good. It is time to vote him out.

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