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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
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Progressives In Parker County Are Fighting Racism In Weatherford

There is no question about it, Progressives in Parker County are modern-day civil rights activists standing up to hate in their own town. As the ones who came before them, they won’t stop, either.


At this point, what can be done about polarization?

I sincerely believe that right wing media is responsible for the polarization we see today. It started with Fox, then moved on to Brietbart and Infowars, now it's OAN and NewsMax.

Do y'all watch or read these? I do, occasionally. They are awful, hateful, full of lies, and mistruths.

Yesterday, I brought up the fairness doctrine on Facebook, then my dad reminded me that I have a liberal blog and I would have to share a Conservative view point as well. No way in hell.

It's not even so much the opposite view points as it is the lies.

Last night, we watched hundreds of proud boys in the streets of DC chant Fuck Antifa, over and over again. Despite Antifa not being a real group. They've been told that again and again, but they still believe it.

What can be done at this point?

Weatherford Police Protect Admitted Racist As She Assaults Black Woman

Today at the protest over the Confederate statue, a white woman admitted on video she was racist, then assaulted a Black woman. Weatherford, TX police escorted the white woman out and refused to arrest her or take a report.


Petition to charge and arrest Republicans who are trying to overthrow the government with sedition.

Please SIGN and ShARE everywhere, to charge and arrest Republicans who are trying to overthrow the government with sedition.


TX13 Rep-Elect Ronny Jackson Advocating Overthrow Of Government

One more elected Texas representative advocating the nullification of a free and fair election.



We, the people, should not stand for this. We're not at a 5-alarm fire yet, but we're getting close. It's time to call every one of your elected officials.


The Ongoing Fight Against Racism In Weatherford Continues

The ongoing fight against racism in Weatherford continues and it is all centered around the white supremacist statue on the Parker County courthouse lawn. Please join us this Saturday, 12/12 at 3pm on the square.


HD73 Rep Kyle Biedermann Hates America And Wants Us All To Leave

Texas House District 73 Representative Kyle Biedermann posted an old tired argument on social media this morning.


Shelley Luther Held Hate Rally, Supporters Call Lone Black Woman N-Word

We would never advocate voting for a Republican, but in the SD30 runoff, there are no Democratic candidates and Democrats are eligible to vote. It has become evidently clear, Shelley Luther is dangerous to Texas, and she has to be stopped.


edit: the activist who I featured in this article called me and asked me to update the title, so it would reflect the depravity of the rally. I did. Just fixed it here for synergy.

Are Vendors Buying Contracts In Arlington Through Political Contributions?

Donations from a law firm on the heels of the mayor’s ethics violations raise a lot of questions. If you live in Arlington, please remember there is a runoff election tomorrow. Don't forget to vote.

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