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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,100

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HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull's Husband Files For Divorce: Alleged Adultery

One of the alleged affairs HD138 Rep-Elect Lacey Hull had was with HD5 Rep, Cole Hefner. It's a messy situation that dozens of people either know about or were involved in.


Kaufman County Commissioners Sided With Hate On Confederacy Vote

After listening to members of actual Neo-Confederate hate groups angrily plead their case to keep Kaufman County's Confederate statue, the Kaufman County Commissioner's Court voted 5-0 to keep an ode to white supremacy on the lawn of their halls of justice.


Controversial Harris County Republican Chair Unexpectedly Resigns

For real this time.


Ken Paxton Blocked Me On Twitter, Which Violates The 1st Amendment

Ken Paxton blocked me on Twitter in a very dramatic and comical fashion. I plan on getting him to unblock me and having some fun in the process.


Staying In Your Lane - Say Their Names, Kaufman County

Part two of the history of racial violence in Kaufman County, TX.

“Staying In Your Lane,” is a series on racial violence in Kaufman County and how the culture of white supremacy thrived in Kaufman County for decades and is fighting to stay relevant today.


You can find the link to part one here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/107849808

Texas Republicans Are Aiding Trump As He Commits Acts Of Sedition

🚨🚨 !! RED ALERT !! 🚨🚨 Texas Republicans are aiding Trump as he commits acts of sedition. Call them! Send them messages! This is not OK, the people need to let them know.


What happened to Lermont Stower-Jones?

At the time of his death on November 19, 2018, Lermont Stower-Jones, known to his loved ones as “Mont” was a 17-year-old Senior on the A-B Honor Roll at Denton High School.

And on the two year anniversary of his death, his family is asking that you say his name and share his story. #LamontStowerJones


HD150 Rep Valoree Swanson In A Race For Worst Legislator Of The 87th

HD150 Rep Valoree Swanson is in a race to the bottom, trying to win the Standard Texas Conservative Agenda Award.


FBI investigating Texas AG



Will Texas' 87th Legislators Put An End To Marijuana Prohibition?

Will Texas’ 87th Legislators finally put an end to marijuana prohibition? Several bills have already been filed, but as always, Republicans will be a problem.

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