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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
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Lamar: The School, The Street, The Man

If Texas is no longer based on white supremacy and white nationalism, it is necessary to deracialize Texas’ landscape. Ridding ourselves of honoring Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar is a great place to start.


Highschool Football Game Turns Into Trump Rally, Racist Display

This last Friday night at the Denton Guyer Wildcats Football game against Mansfield Lake Ridge Highschool, things got way out of control.


Houston Young Republicans Executives Almost Brawl With Old Republicans

I hope you have enough popcorn for this one. At last week’s VP debate, the Executive Board of the Houston Young Republicans gathered to have a debate party. What unfolded was a clash of egos between drama queens. They called each other slurs like, “RINO, Democrat, and Snowflake.” Ultimately, someone called the police to file a false report and old Republicans were chased away.


Gainesville Fire Department Lieutenant Pilcher Openly Uses N-Word

And he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with saying it.


Pflugerville ISD's Is Not Adequately Sanitizing Schools From COVID

What’s worse is the solution they are using contains dangerous chemicals and PFISD has known about this for months.


White Supremacists Pulled Gun On Crowd After Vigil For Murdered Black Man

Last night was the candlelight vigil for Jonathan Price in Wolfe City, TX. It was peaceful and beautiful. However, after the vigil, a man standing with a group of admitted Proud Boys pulled his gun on the peaceful crowd of mostly Black people. And it was all caught on video.


Angela Paxton Is The Dipshit Of The Week

Texas District 8 Senator Angela Paxton graduated from 'Dipshit of the Day.' She is not the honorary titleholder of Dipshit of the Week.


A Black State of Emergency in Texas

A Black State of Emergency in Texas. America has the deadliest police culture in the modern world and our friends and neighbors are not safe.


In Georgetown, TX, The Battle Against The Confederate States Rages On

And as the Union didn’t stand down to the Confederate traitors, these American citizens in Georgetown don’t plan on standing down either.


F*** You Greg Abbott

He’s scared. Which should show everyone exactly what is at stake.

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