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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,219

Journal Archives

August Pfluger Advocates For Rape, Extortion, And Kidnapping Of Refugees

Congressman August Pfluger today advocated for the "Remain in Mexico" policy, calling it a "policy that works," even though 80% of refugees under this policy were raped, extorted, or kidnapped by Cartels.


Collin County Young Democrats Call For Resignation of Collin County Democratic Party Chair & Leaders

Note from Editor: Living Blue in Texas is publishing this press release because we believe that it’s a topic of interest to our Collin County readers. Living Blue in Texas has no affiliation with either Collin County Young Democrats or the Collin County Democratic Party.


Analysis and Endorsements from LivingBlueTX: Will Democrats Flip the Texas House? Part One

Analysis and Endorsements: Will Democrats Flip the Texas House? Part One: East Texas, Dallas County, and Tarrant County.

Endorsements include Cody Grace, Ana-Maria Ramos, Julie Johnson, Dennis Sherrard, and Nicole Collier.


Beto Asked Me For Advice About His Campaign Strategy

The Beto O'Rourke Campaign sent out a survey asking questions regarding their campaign strategy.


Abbott Fabricated A Border Crisis, MSM Ignored, Now The ACLU Is Suing

The so-called "border crisis" fabricated by Greg Abbott has been race-based propaganda, outright lies, and worsened by the GOP's culture wars.


Joeylynn Mesaros - Texas' Biggest Liar Of 2021

One of the Trumpers who participated in the violent Biden/Harris bus incident in October 2020 has taken to TikTok and right-wing airwaves proclaiming her innocence, but she seems to forget it was all caught on video.


Beto Went Deep Into Klan Country, And Hundreds Came Out In Support

Paris, Texas has long held the reputation of being a safe haven for the Klan and white supremacy. This weekend, Beto showed us all how much Texas is changing.


Does The Texas Democratic Party Need New Leadership?

Does the Texas Democratic Party need new leadership to flip Texas blue?


From A Glass House, Jared Patterson Characterizes 58% Of Texans As Evil

Texas House Representative Jared Patterson retweeted Texas Democrats about abortion, saying, “This is what evil looks like.”


Living Blue in Texas Editor's Note: Something Big Is Coming, It Looks A Lot Like A Blue Wave

As I have been interviewing and talking to candidates all over the Great State of Texas, I have come to understand more about what they are lacking, how they need help, and what I can do from my end to assist them.

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