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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,081

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In The Dead Of Night, TX House GOP Pass Racially Gerrymandered Map

The racially gerrymandered maps that the GOP passed in the dead of night fail to reflect Texas' diversity and population growth.


Black flag: Understanding the Trumpists' latest threatening symbol

I posted about the black American flag a few weeks ago on Living Blue in Texas, and the article is continuing to see loads of traffic. It's been referenced in Press Run, Wonkette, and this morning, Salon.


"The liberal opinion site Living Blue in Texas is sounding the alarm about the specific meaning of the black flag and the Republican-fascists support for terrorism and other political violence. That post, "Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning on Killing You?", merits lengthy quotation:"

I'm glad people are starting to pay attention to this. I have been writing about and trying to draw attention to extreme right-wing violence for over a year. Although, most of my focus has been on Texas militias. I've been called an alarmist more times than I can count, but what the right is doing and has done is alarming. I only want people to pay attention to what's outside of their own echo chambers and realize that America is really sick right now, and there are a lot of people who are openly discussing violence, martyrdom, and treason.

Congressman Lance Gooden Tweeted Racist Appreciation Of Christopher Columbus

Last week President Biden signed a proclamation for Indigenous People's Day and acknowledged the violence done to Native Americans due to American colonization. However, this morning Lance Gooden tweeted appreciation of the genocidal monster, Christopher Columbus.


Does Speaker Dade Phelan Have a Spine? We'll All Soon Find Out.

Yesterday, the orange one put out a statement accusing Speaker Dade Phelan of standing in the way of a forensic audit of four Texas Counties.


Domestic Terrorist Are Using TikTok As Recruitment Tool, Organizing Shock Troops

Just as they did on January 6, the far-right is organizing and planning out in the open on social media platforms.


New Senate District Map Couples Diverse Areas Of Arlington With Sundown Town

How will Brian Birdwell, a Republican, vote for the needs of his constituents when half of them are minorities and the other half hate minorities?


Senator Joan Huffman Knew Maps Were Racist, GOP Passed Anyway

Senator Joan Huffman claimed to be color blind. However, every Texan who testified spoke about the harm her gerrymandered maps would do.


Angela Paxton Lies About Working For Minorities And Uses Racist Trope

The wife of Texas’ most famous criminal has a long history of working against minority communities, but she’s offended if you point it out.


Matthew Dowd Running For Lt. Gov - Is This A Ploy To Derail A Blue Texas?

This morning, former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd announced he was running for Texas Lt. Governor as a Democrat.


Meet Justin Calhoun - Texas State House District 73 Candidate

Justin Calhoun is a veteran and social worker whose passion is defending, fighting, and protecting his community, state, and country. Last week, I sat down with Justin to get to know him a little better.

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