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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,081

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Abbott Signed Jim Crow Voter Law - Held Press Conference Full Of Lies

Today, Greg Abbott joined East Texas Republicans in Tyler, a city with deep roots in oppression, and signed the most restrictive voter restrictions since Jim Crow.


Any DUers in East Texas? Abbott will be in Tyler signing Jim Crow bill today. Protest will meet him

Impromptu protest, being led by HD6 Democratic Candidate, Cody Grace. Downtown Tyler, 10:30 am. Expecting 50-100 protesters.


When life imitates art.


Texas, Get Involved, NOW!!

You are needed in every neighborhood of every town. The time is now. (Please share)


The Wicked Witch Of Watauga - 22 Reasons Stephanie Klick Must Go

Stephanie Klick isn’t the worst legislature in the Texas House, but she’s pretty close. She has worked hard to hurt women, children, veterans, people of color, immigrants, people in poverty, and the environment.


Texas Republicans On Record: No Intention Of Expanding Voter Access

Texas Republicans are determined to take away the rights of Texans to vote; not only is this clear by their terrible voter suppression bill, but also by the amendments they refused to accept for it.


New House Rule: Democrats Aren't Allowed To Say The Word "Racist"

The white speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, said the House members cannot use the word "racist" when referring to the racist voter suppression bill.




Texas Republicans Move to Ban Mandatory Water Breaks For Workers

In further proof that Texas Republicans hate Texans, GOP moves to ban mandatory water breaks for workers.


Congressman Michael Burgess At Secessionists Meeting With 3%ers - Sheriff Went Wild

What do Congressman Michael Burgess, Secessionists, 3%ers, Denton County Sheriff, and the Denton County Republican Party have in common?

They were all in the Denton County Elections Administration building on Thursday night.

And it was caught on video. You HAVE to see what happened!


Is Vidor, TX Still A Sundown Town?

Vidor, TX is the most well-known Sundown Town in Texas, but what is Vidor like in 2021? And is Vidor still an active Sundown Town?

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