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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,140

Journal Archives

The Scorched Earth Politics In The Texas House Republican Primaries

The House Republican primaries are both sad and entertaining. Here are some of my final predictions before the polls close.


"DFW Deplorables" Exposed: The Far Right Take Over of the TX GOP (Part 1)

If I were Jared Patterson, Drew Springer, Rep Pat Fallon, or Sid Miller, I'd be really rethinking who I've been spending time with and taking money from over the last two years.

Something big is coming from Direct Action With Jessica Luther Rummel!

Part 2: coming soon.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Candidate Forum - Recap and Commentary

The three Party Chair candidates duked it out this last weekend, and not everyone walked away unscathed.


Secretary of State Still Reporting Incorrect Numbers - Is It A Nefarious Act?

Texas Secretary of State still reporting inaccurate numbers. Is it a nefarious act? Not are the numbers off, but their excuse doesn't make sense either.


Votes Tallies Are Off And Disappearing From The Secretary of States Website.

Something isn't adding up, and we need to all pay attention.


Sex-Crazed Republicans? Third TX House Member Caught In Alleged Sex Scandal

Sexually repressed Republicans in the Texas House have been busy this year. When they aren't taking away your rights or pocketing big oil money, they appear to have nothing else to do than screw each other's brains out.


Domestic Terrorists In Office, Their Flunkies, And The Violent Targeting Of Democrats

Over the last week, in Midland and Denton, Republicans running for office and Republican voters, at the command of elected officials, targeted Democrats and Beto for violent confrontations.


The Resurgence Of Black Codes And The Rise Of White Supremacy In Texas

During the 87th Legislature, Texas Republicans reinstated Vagrancy Laws and provided us a window into their overarching goals.

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