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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,217

Journal Archives

Texas Fascism Caucus Continues To Push Christian Nationalism

The far-right Texas Freedom Caucus sends an open letter to the SBOE demanding white supremacy and Christian nationalism in school textbooks.


Texas Right To Life Political Director Arrested For Soliciting A Minor

Forced pregnancy activist, Luke Bowen, was arrested for trying to solicit a child for sex.


The 1976 Murder Of Frank J. Robinson, Deep East Texas Voting Rights Activist

Nearly 50 years after the murder of East Texas Civil Rights Leader Frank J. Robinson, too many questions go unanswered.


North Texas Protesters Face Six Months Jail Time For 'Jaywalking'

Activists and Attorney Claim Charges Political, Suppress First Amendment Protected Protests Against Confederate Monument at Courthouse Where Trial Scheduled for August 23, 2022


Call Me A Betocrat: A Campaign, Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen.

The closest thing we can describe Beto's campaign is Obama's 2008 run, but with Texas flavor.


Two Years After The Race Riot In Weatherford; What's Changed?

The Weatherford Race Riot in 2020 hasn't stopped the victims of mob violence from seeking racial justice.


Beto Will End Cannabis Prohibition In Texas

Beto will end cannabis prohibition in Texas and expunge the records of everyone charged with a cannabis-related crime.


Mega-Thread: The right is prepping for civil war.

I have an alt-TikTok on the right-wing side of the platform. We all know the rhetoric from elected Republicans and talking heads since the Mar-A-Lago raid, but I made this thread to show how it's trickling down to Jimmy Bobby Joe and Bubu Ray. It's a long thread, but I'm still adding to it when I encounter these people (which is way too often). Anyway, y'all need to see.


A Meltdown Of Epic Proportions - Threats Of Violence And War

The rhetoric and calls for violence leading up to January 6th pale in comparison to what the right has been spewing over the last 24 hours.


400 Beto Supporters Show Up In Rockdale; GOP Lies About Running Him Out Of Town

Beto was in Rockdale for over two hours, held his town hall, took lots of pictures with attendees, then left at the time he intended.

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