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Member since: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,056

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Apparently if you don't care for Bernie Sanders or disagree with the incessant posts implying that all white people are racists you are not welcome on this site. Despite voting exclusively for Democrats for most of my life (I'm over 50 years old) I got relentlessly reported when I did not violate any rule simply because certain members did not like my viewpoint and wanted to censor me. There were a couple of the flags that I did deserve because I got so frustrated with being pig piled on when I stood up for what I honestly believe is right. My account was locked on February 26th. I emailed the administrators and have been ignored. Democrats cannot afford to alienate and silence people who vote for them. People disagree and that should be OK. The administrators need to pay closer attention to people who are serial post reporters. There ARE people on here who target people that disagree with them or accuse them of being trolls or right wingers and then get them banned. That is what happened to me. I'm not a troll or a conservative. I am a 50+ year old grandmother who is on the same side as everyone else on this site. It sure would be nice if the admins would actually review my account...it's been two months. If this how this site advocates for Democratic values and reaches out to voters...well, it's not doing a very dang good job.

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Just got a recorded polling phone call...I'm in Florida

I was asked:

Who I would vote for if the election were held today between Clinton, Trump, Johnson or Stein.

If I vote for all races or only the main ones.

Several arguments against requiring background checks were given and I was asked how convincing an argument I thought they were. There were about 3 of these arguments against passing the checks.

I was asked if I would or would not vote yes for background checks.

I didn't catch the full name of the polling organization but it was something about Mothers against gun violence or something with the polling being conducted by an organization with a few letters beginning with a C. My grandson ran out during that part and was being loud so I could not hear.

It did not ask how I am registered or if I belong to any party. I am an Independent.

I figured I would mention this since I live in a battleground state.
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Tue Sep 6, 2016, 07:43 PM (3 replies)
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