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Member since: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,056

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Apparently if you don't care for Bernie Sanders or disagree with the incessant posts implying that all white people are racists you are not welcome on this site. Despite voting exclusively for Democrats for most of my life (I'm over 50 years old) I got relentlessly reported when I did not violate any rule simply because certain members did not like my viewpoint and wanted to censor me. There were a couple of the flags that I did deserve because I got so frustrated with being pig piled on when I stood up for what I honestly believe is right. My account was locked on February 26th. I emailed the administrators and have been ignored. Democrats cannot afford to alienate and silence people who vote for them. People disagree and that should be OK. The administrators need to pay closer attention to people who are serial post reporters. There ARE people on here who target people that disagree with them or accuse them of being trolls or right wingers and then get them banned. That is what happened to me. I'm not a troll or a conservative. I am a 50+ year old grandmother who is on the same side as everyone else on this site. It sure would be nice if the admins would actually review my account...it's been two months. If this how this site advocates for Democratic values and reaches out to voters...well, it's not doing a very dang good job.

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CNN seems to be focusing on Russian interference and alluding to them trying to help Trump

Not coming right out and saying it...but they appear to be implying it. I suspect this will continue tonight.
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 06:47 PM (9 replies)

People: What You Need to Know About the Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit

An attorney helping an anonymous California woman accusing Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit of raping her in the ’90s when she was 13 announced that the woman would go public for the first time Wednesday.

But as the press conference was about to begin in the California offices of attorney Lisa Bloom, Bloom called it off, citing threats to the plaintiff, known in court papers as Jane Doe.

“Jane Doe has received numerous threats today … She has decided she is too afraid to show her face,” Bloom said, according to the tweets of MSNBC/NBC reporter Irin Carmon. “We’re going to have to reschedule. I apologize to all of you who came. I have nothing further.”

Two hours later, Bloom, the daughter of renowned women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, tweeted: “Our firm’s website was reportedly hacked today, as well as emails. Anonymous claims responsibility.”

As this story continues to develop, here’s everything you should know about Trump’s accuser and the rape lawsuit she’s filed against him:

Jane Doe accuses Trump of raping her during the summer of 1994 when she was 13, allegedly in the home of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile also named in the lawsuit.

She also claims that: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”

Alan Garten, vice president and general counsel for the Trump Organization, did not return a call for comment to PEOPLE. But Garten has repeatedly and vehemently denied the allegations, telling the New York Daily News they were “categorically untrue, completely fabricated and politically motivated.”

Jane Doe’s legal team has been beefed up in the last few weeks, with the additions of high-profile Florida defense attorney Cheney Mason (Casey Anthony’s co-counsel), and veteran New Jersey civil litigation attorney Evan Goldman, according to court filings. Bloom is handling the media aspects of the case since both she and the plaintiff are on the West Coast, Goldman tells PEOPLE.

Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 04:31 PM (22 replies)

Megyn Kelly sexually harrassed and attempted sexual assault by Roger Ailes

In a forthcoming memoir, Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly describes in detail the repeated sexual advances of her disgraced former boss at Fox News, Roger Ailes, according to a report on RadarOnline.

Kelly writes that Ailes made inappropriate comments and even tried to grab and kiss her, threatening her job if she did not comply, per the outlet.

RadarOnline says it got an early look at Kelly’s book, Settle for More, and that the 45-year-old only recently added the details on Ailes behavior. Ailes was ousted from the top spot at Fox this summer, after several women there came forward alleging sexual harassment.

The new details seem to confirm earlier reports that Kelly had told investigators at Fox that Ailes sexually harassed her.

Kelly’s bombshell comes just as the popular anchor is negotiating a new contract with Fox. The network reportedly is offering her $20 million a year to stay.

Kelly has built a reputation as a somewhat unlikely feminist hero. For Republican women looking on with horror as their party ― and de facto news network ― seems to support a misogynist with a track record of sexual harassment and assault, Kelly has emerged as their spokeswoman-in-chief.

She called attention to Donald Trump’s pattern of repeatedly insulting women last summer during one of the GOP debates and was hammered by the former reality-TV star for weeks afterwards. Memorably, Trump later told CNN that Kelly “had blood coming out of her wherever.”

Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 03:14 PM (6 replies)

Anyone know or hear about this stuff?


Claude Taylor ‏@TrueFactsStated 53m53 minutes ago South Carolina, USA
1. Many of you have heard of a bombshell coming out about Trump. A source who I know & trust has informed me of TWO such bombshells.

Claude Taylor ‏@TrueFactsStated 51m51 minutes ago South Carolina, USA
2. My understanding is that the media knows about both of these and has been seeking to corroborate them before going with the story.
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Claude Taylor ‏@TrueFactsStated 50m50 minutes ago South Carolina, USA
3. The first bombshell is that US and British Intel have a video of Trump with two prostitutes. Both US and British media have this story.
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Claude Taylor ‏@TrueFactsStated 48m48 minutes ago South Carolina, USA
4. The second allegation is that Trump has paid for up to a dozen abortions for various women.
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Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 02:13 PM (13 replies)


Some mainstream media is picking it up!


A woman who has accused Donald Trump of raping her when she was 13 has canceled plans to speak publicly and reveal her identity after allegedly receiving death threats.

The California plaintiff, who is suing Trump for the alleged attack, claims the presidential hopeful raped her at a party in New York in 1994. She filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court in June.

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, released a statement online Wednesday that revealed “Jane Doe,” as she is known, planned to “break her silence” at a Los Angeles press conference that same day.

But hours later a statement was released citing death threats. Minutes before the conference was due to begin, Bloom called it off, The Guardian reported.

“Jane Doe has received numerous threats today as have all the Trump accusers that I have represented,” Bloom said. “She has decided she is too afraid to show her face. She has been here all day, ready to do it, but unfortunately she is in terrible fear. We’re going to have to reschedule. I apologize to all of you who came. I have nothing further.”

The woman alleges Trump assaulted her on four occasions at a New York apartment owned by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Trump who she has also accused of rape.
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 08:54 AM (17 replies)

CBS Los Angeles report about Trump rape accusations and cancelled press conference (Video)


WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A woman who has sued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, alleging he raped her 22 years ago at a series of parties when she was only 13 years old, abruptly canceled a Woodland Hills news conference Wednesday, with her attorney saying threats left the woman too afraid to speak out.

“Jane Doe has received numerous threats today, as have all the Trump accusers that I have represented,” attorney Lisa Bloom told a throng of reporters gathered at her office. “She is living in fear. She has decided that she is too afraid to show her face.

“She’s been here all day ready to do it, but unfortunately, she is in terrible fear so we’re going to have to reschedule,” Bloom said.

The woman’s lawsuit has been public for months, but the woman has only been known as “Jane Doe.”

The abruptly canceled news conference would have been the first time she spoke out publicly.

Trump has vehemently denied the woman’s allegations.

He issued a statement earlier this year calling the allegations “not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, perhaps, are simply politically motivated. There is absolutely no merit to these allegations, period.”

An attorney for Trump called the legal action “a sham lawsuit brought by someone who desires to impact the presidential election.”

In her lawsuit, filed earlier this year in federal court in New York, the woman alleges she was “enticed by promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of parties, with other similarly situated minor females, held at a New York City residence that was being used by defendant Jeffrey Epstein. At least four of the parties were attended by Trump.”

The lawsuit alleges that Trump “initiated sexual contact with plaintiff at four different parties. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with defendant Trump, defendant Trump tied plaintiff to a bed, exposed himself to plaintiff and then proceeded to forcibly rape plaintiff.

“During the course of this savage sexual attack, plaintiff loudly pleaded with defendant Trump to stop but with no effect. Defendant Trump responded to plaintiff’s pleas by violently striking plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted,” according to the lawsuit.

The suit also alleges that Trump threatened the woman, saying if she told anybody about the attack, she “and her family would be physically harmed if not killed.”

The suit also alleges that Epstein had sexual contact with the woman at two of the parties, including once after she had already been raped by Trump.

According to the lawsuit, the woman did not come forward earlier due to the threats by both Trump and Epstein against her and her family.

Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Wed Nov 2, 2016, 09:22 PM (3 replies)

Trump rape accuser abruptly cancels press conference (NYPost story)

A California woman known as Jane Doe, who accused Donald Trump of raping her 22 years ago when she was 13, canceled a press conference Wednesday night where she was to publicly tell her story for the first time.

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, told a throng of reporters waiting for the press conference at her Woodland Hills, California firm that the woman had received threats and was too scared to come forward.

“She is living in fear. She has decided that she’s too afraid to show her face,” Bloom told reporters. “She’s been here all day ready to do it. But unfortunately she’s in terrible fear. So we’re going to have to reschedule.”

The woman accused Trump and Jeffrey Epstein of raping her during several parties during the summer of 1994 that Epstein hosted on the Upper East Side at 9 E. 71st St.

She filed a lawsuit against both men this year.

“During this period, Plaintiff was a minor of age 13 and was legally incapable under New York law of consenting to sexual intercourse and the other sexual contacts detailed herein,” the Jane Doe’s lawsuit alleges

Two witnesses to the alleged crimes have stepped forward:a former employee of Epstein’s and one a classmate of the plaintiff, according to the suit.

Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Wed Nov 2, 2016, 07:17 PM (14 replies)

Trump Child-Rape Accuser to Speak Today


The woman suing Donald Trump for alleged child rape will speak publicly on Wednesday afternoon, her lawyer announced. The woman accuses Trump of raping her at a 1994 sex party when she was 13 years old. The party was allegedly at the home of Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender who has pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from underage girls. The woman accuses Trump of raping her and violently striking her when she resisted. However, the woman has not previously come forward publicly, and previous communications with her legal team have been riddled with inconsistencies.

The woman will be making a public appearance with a new lawyer, Lisa Bloom, her law firm announced in a statement. (Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred, the high-powered feminist lawyer representing several of Trump’s sexual-harassment accusers.) They will make their appearance at 3 p.m. PT at the firm’s Los Angeles office. “More than four months ago a woman using the pseudonym 'Jane Doe' sued Donald Trump for a series of sexual assaults that she alleges occurred at parties in New York in 1994," the firm wrote on Wednesday. "Jane Doe was just thirteen years old at the time. Her operative amended federal court complaint is available here. The mainstream media has failed to cover the story... Jane Doe will break her silence today and speak out about her allegations.”
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Wed Nov 2, 2016, 03:46 PM (16 replies)

So when does the FBI change it's name to Comey's KGB?

There is no other explanation. When did Russia's national interests begin to take priority over America's national interest in Comey's KGB?

Congratulations Comey...you took a huge, stinky dump all over what used to be the FBI until you allowed Putin to take it over with Agent Orange as his puppet.
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Wed Nov 2, 2016, 01:12 AM (3 replies)

Just got a recorded call from the Republican Party of Florida...

Reminding me that early voting is open in my area and urging me to go vote for the "Republican Team."

There was a phone number listed at the end. I have half a mind to call them up and tell them I already voted for ALL democrats because the GOP supports Trump, who is a festering boil on the ass of humanity....and to lose my number because I wouldn't vote for a single Republican again if they paid me.
Posted by NoGoodNamesLeft | Tue Nov 1, 2016, 11:17 AM (6 replies)
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