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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 10:00 AM
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GOP help?

Poor businesses hit hard by opiod epidemic. They need a government bailout.


The money should have been for the recovering addicts and their families. To be able to put lives back together. Training, college a car there is no public transportation. The local radio station had it right they just came out and said it was money for local businesses that have been hurt because of the opioid epidemic. The lumber yard mentioned in the article is a less than desirable place to work. They fire employees if they have health issues. They need to list what jobs they are talking about. I will bet they are jobs that you could not possibly live on with no benefits.

Out of Control

I had posted about a company trying to get guardianship of my mother. They had filrd saying there was no next of kin. Today I got a paper from them to waiver my rights. They thought I would sign it and send it back knowing that I filed. The company is SB2 http://sb2inc.com/
The website says it all. Time to put this type of business out of business along with for profit health care. The state even though they said they didn't want to pressure wanted to force into the profit. Time for universal health care. They are making a fortune. They claim the cost is too much but we are paying way more for inferior services.

Russian bank accounts


Saw this on WSAZ but not anywhere else. Interesting on how they operate. I would think there is alot more.

Never heard of this

My mother was put in a nursing home. She is 90 years old. The nursing home has lost her teeth. She likes coloring books and every time they are gone. Her clothes is missing. They have her checking account. They told the court she does not have any next of kin. They did not file so she lost her medicaid. Now they have a lawyer trying to be her guardian. A for profit business has no right being anyone's guardian. She gets 70 dollars for her pension and her social security check. They are concerned about the burial deeds. Grave robbers. I have file to be guardian but getting the money together this year has been a challenge. Just got my income tax refund back. Filed in April. Anyone else had this problem?
They served her the summons today. I went there after work and took my i pad recorded my conversation with her and asked her if she had anyone visit her today and the answer was no. She had wrote over the papers, circled the lawyers name,underlined it wrote bad. Can the serve papers to someone who can't remember or understand what is wriitten on them?

Drug overdose in Ohio jail in Chillicothe


Makes one wonder just how much of the drug problem is law enforcement.
I thought with the amount of people envolved it would have made national headlines.

Rand Paul

Is in russia trying to make nice and invite them to the usa. What the hell their millitary directly involved interference and hacking. He needs to. be censured when he gets back.

This needs stopped

Earlier today the idiots were saying Hitler was a liberal. Now trumps son and they are not apologizing. This needs to be confronted. They say whatever because they know if it gets repeated enough times it will be believed.
They have been running a propaganda campaign.

On the same line the press needs to quit covering trumps every stupid move. He does not care if the coverage is good or bad because that in the long run does not matter. All publicity is good to him. Ignoring him or mocking him will get to him.
Circus side show is diverting attention from the horrible things they are doing. Like besty devos changing the regs for online schools. Or the fact they are removing pollution controls from our waterways.

Polluting our rivers


They want to remove protection for the watersheds and river itself. People's drinking water. What are they thinking? This needs to be broadcast far and wide. What other watersheds are they attacking?
Trump is a circus sideshow while they quietly do their dirty deeds.

Cover up opioid crisis

So they do not have to tell you the manufacture, how many pills per population. The Charleston Gazette artical mentioned is a must read. The democrats need to make sure that this cover up is not allowed. People have the right to know.

Truth, Media and Trump

The other day CNN was touting that the unemployment is the lowest it has been in decades. Then on the radio NPR was reporting that the employment situation now is worse than when the financial crisis occurred. From what I see and people I know trying to get jobs I would have to say the NPR report is right.
Then there is North Korea. Trump as savior. But did not China and Russia work to defuse the dotard, rocket man Temper Tantrum? That the Americans released today were captured right before and during Trumps presidency? I tried to look up but is not the only death of an american hostage in North Korea occur with Trump as president?
What alternate reality is this?
Today CNN said that the dem lead is now over but on the same page said that democrats lead in house runs?
Are the news outlets conforming to Trumps demands that they only say things he likes?
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