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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 654

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Gas Station at Nashville

Just read an article on Huffington post about a Shell gas station that has had horrible messages on it about Hillary and Obama. The gas station's address is 5106 Old Hickory Boulevard, Nashville, TN. The owner Bradford Lewis, of Lewis Country Store says he has freedom of speech. Shell international might not like thier brand associated with his speech. www.shell.us/about-us/contact-shell/service-station-feedback.html

Hillary might lose Ohio

Cnn money had article about Hillary bad mouthing coal as the reason she will lose Ohio. I have heard the same at work. But i will say these are some of the same guys that said they would quit their job if a woman was made the supervisor. The same guys who belong to a union and vote republican then complain about working conditions. Pike and Scioto are republican counties especially when they gerrymandered the area to be weighted down with Cincinnati. I think Hillary has just as much chance to take the state as Obama did. Also just as a side lots of Pike and Scioto county residents think that southern Ohio was the south and were confederates.

Today at work

I thought they couldn't beat the Bush family are communists. I had to endure the democrats made the 14th, 15th, 16th amendments. They then went on to say those plus the 19th amendments need to be abolished. And that welfare is democrat and it is used just to keep the slaves, slaves and create an elite class. That the republicans believe in hard work and everything must be earned. Let me tell you how these little s***s earned their jobs. Everyone of them has relatives who work there. Each of them were given opportunities that others around the area have not. The place hires only republicans because they are Americans and everyone else is not. They talk about democrats being socialist while they spout national socialist ideas. What gets me is they watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and totally do not get that they are evil empire, the cyborgs and Hydra. Sorry but I got to get this out of my system.

At work

Today at work it would have been funny if this was not so dangerous. I work with neo cons I think they all would be called alt right. They were worked up over the debate. They think Don won. They were all saying Hillary needs to be in jail. They then mentioned that the Bush's are not supporting Trump. Then they said something so inane I couldn't believe it. One of them said the bush's were a bunch of communists. That W's administration was way to communist or socialistic. I always write down some stupid comment of the day, like a few weeks ago it was said that they wanted Trump to just be a dictator because it would just be easier. I think it will take something to beat the one from today.
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