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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
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Against their own best interests.

I was listening to All things Considered on the way home. There was a story about the scum Trump is trying to make sectary of treasury. Turns out during the economic crisis him and other scum bought a bank that went into bankruptcy and got the FDIC to pay them millions on top and renamed the bank OneWest. They made their money by foreclosing on working Americans homes. They made enough to sell it over a billion in profit. They interviewed an elderly couple who had lived in their home over 50 yrs. had taken out a home equity loan which they were having trouble paying. They qualified for the home restructure loans from the government but One West would not do it. They would call but it would be a different person each time. They finally got Hold of a bank vice president who told them he was going to put an extension so they could work it out. The house was foreclosed on and sold. Then the couple said they voted for Trump. What kind of stupid is that. The republicans caused the melt down and then put them back in to make sure they kill us off the rest of the way.

Alex Jones

While they take false news off of facebook how is this con man allowed air time? He lies constantly. He needs to be in jail. Everyone he has lied about needs to sue him.

Emails !

Guess who is in trouble over emails and has to go to court over them?


As I head bedward after crapulous all day I think of the erstwhile Clinton Administration as in a zwodder. At 3AM expergefactor and uhtceare. I would like to call off for hum durgeon. Not looking forward to the brabble, mumpsimus, rawgabbit of the snollygosters. They are touting the cockalorum in a jargogle of Trumpery. They ultracrepidarian and billingsgate. Masters of fudgel while complaining about everyone else. They are all lanspresada expecting someone else to pick up the tab.
I do believe a jargon will be added to our lexicon by the time this is over, dumb as a trump is coming.

Standing Rock

Hypocrisy of the repugs. They let those sovereign citizens take over that wildlife preserve and did nothing. Trump will be for the company.

Vet denied food

Write to Chilli's. The man had his millitary id but a racist told the manger he had not served.


Sorry I just read a letter from my sister's insurance carrier for her car. Her rates are going up substantially and she doesn't make enough to live on to begin with. Trump does not pay his bills. He does not pay his taxes. How come he is allowed to but everyone else gets hit with fines, fees, charges, bad credit ratings which affect being able to get a job, if you can get insurance for your car and home if lucky enough to have one. If you have a security clearence they can take it over bills not paid. How in h*** is Trump allowed to run for president he should not have access to any national security information based on the qualifications the republicans put into place. Everyone in the country should not pay their taxes for 20 years.


Just read this on The Independent. GOTV but a little relief.



Diane Rehm talking with news reporters. On the show they discussed how Trump has lied over 60% of the time and Hillary was in the low teens. That is why notable news outlets have endorsed Hillary even ones that have never endorsed a Democrat before. But the fake news out does real news sources on the internet. Like wikileaks and I can't believe it the FBI. Something needs to be done about the outright lying. I heard on a previous NPR show talking to political strategists that covered dark money channeled through shell companies that they can lie because it is legal to do it. The republicans have been doing this for serveral years with no consequences as they pretend to be the party of God. Something needs to be done. Also there is a serious lack of people who have no idea how to vett information that can not tell the difference from facts from a reputable source and some crap made up on a website. This I believe has come from the dumbing down of our education system. The people I work with are supposed to be college educated but there is no evidence of it in their discussions.

Health savings accounts

Thats the great plan the republicans have. The crap Bush tried to sell at a Wendys in Ohio. Like someone who works at Wendys could afford to put money in one of those accounts then afford to lose the money because the claims will be denied and what is not used in a year gets to go to the company. What a scam.
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