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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
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National Parks

Other parks are tweeting out after the Badlands. I am worried about the republicans getting rid of our parks.

The Wall

On All things considered, Ari Shapiro interviews Mike Vigil a DEA agent with 30 yr experience. Ari asks him about the wall trump wants to build to help stop drugs. Mr. Vigil said it was nonsense. How could medieval technology work with todays tech? He then says ultra light with a lawn mower engines could deliver right over the wall.
This made me think about a news report I heard long time ago about a tunnel network that had been built. Makes me think that money would be better put to use else where. Wait until the trumpers find out they are going to be footing to bill for it.
I can remember the republicans crowing about tearing down the Berlin wall just to build it here?


One of the steps a dictator does is to attack art. Since art is part of the culture and acts as a kind of barometer for the situations that are shaping the culture. There was a discussion about this in an art class at college, that was years ago. Seeing this headline brought back what the teacher of the class said. The teacher was the curator at a museum. I see lots of little things that are putting together a very ugly big picture.
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