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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
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Does anyone know which Trump aid was in Russia during the election? I remember an article about it and thought how was it allowed.

Every day

Out of control. Biggest threat to our security is Trump. We are being a victim of a flim flam man.

Stay in your place

Kasich wants teachers to encourage students not to get an education. Where the hell are these jobs that dont require a degree? Wendys and McDonalds. These asses send thier children to ivy league schools. I remember being told by a republican leader in Ohio that I should not have been allowed to go to college because that was for their children and I should not be allowed to take a high paying job from one of thier children.

No investigation?

Chaffetz and others say no investigation. That Flynn served in military and not a politician so that makes it okay. So I looked up military personnel who have worked with Russia in the past. John Walker, Naval Warrant Officer, James Hall, US Army Signal Intelligence Warrant Officer, Col. George Trofimoff, Retired Army Reserve Colonel 25 years, David Sheldon Boone ,Army, Harold Nicholson, Army, William Millay, Army, Canadian Navy Officer Sub Lt Jeffery Paul Delisle, and not least Benedict Arnold(England). Other State Dept., CIA and FBI employees. Why the difference?
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