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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
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Enjoying today

It is absolutely beautiful today. I have been working on the yard. Came in to get an iced tea. Then looked over on the counter decided to make an impeachment tea. A little mint syrup and a little bit more of peach. My son said I should put a little slice of orange on the cup. Just about time to go back to yard work.

Need to make it count

Now is the time for the democrats to hit. Ads on tv, radio, billboards. List who voted for this "Let them die!" bill. The craptacular representative 2nd district Ohio a doctor none the less voted for it, Brad Wenstrup. He voted for:
1.To exempt himself from this bill
2. To deny health care to over 24 million americans
3. Give death sentences to low income and elderly americans
4. Remove help given to middle class and the working poor so they could afford health care, if they miss a payment will be charged even more to get it reinstated.
5. Give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to families making more than $250,000/yr.
6. High deductibles and if pre-existing condition enormous premiums.
7. Deny essential health care for ER visits, hospitalizations, mental health, maternity( the area he has as high maternal death rate)
8. Deny health care for substance abuse. (His district has been in the news and books (Dreamland) written about the drug problems and the deaths)
9. Allows caps for yearly and lifetime.
10. Underwriting is back, a document for every condition or ailment you have ever had.
11. Even those lucky enough to have employer provided insurance are at risk of losing their coverage.

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