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Bear Creek

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Rural voters

This article is right. I went to a NASA event trying to get children into STEM. I mentioned to them that most of the home schooled children by fundamentalists were purposely not taught STEM. That children even if they went to public schools were discouraged to take those classes. NASA had the events because of the big problems they seen coming up in the future and that they needed people that could help.
The clan issues are real. Nepotism to the nth degree. If you do not go to the right church or related you will not get a job or be able to start a business. I have seen companies turned away from communities that would have brought lots of jobs.
Even recently they tried to have a computer classes at local university and they had to cancel the classes because they could not get kids to sign up.
As a side the university was placed here by the hard work of Vern Riffe when the area used to be democrat. He had served a long time in state politics.
I remember back when Reagan was running against Carter they had republican business leaders go to the area churches to make sure that they would vote for Reagan because while Jimmy was a christian he would declare southern baptist as the state religion if he were to be elected again.

Supreme Court

Listened to NPR on the way home tonight. They were discussing the fact that Gorsuch is much more far right than they put on. That Kennedy will retire before trump's turn is up. That Merrick was supposed to be picked. ( with turtle obstructing makes me think he knew the election was going to trump the entire time) that the court will now be extreme far right. Try to undo the last 20 to 30 years but I think more like 100 years. They said the court is liberal. When has that court been liberal? Just think they control congress, president, and court. How exactly is there going to be a fair election ever again? And if they call to re write the constitution? Just a bit maudlin.

Jobs leaving

The vote against unionizing at the plant in South Carolina was supposed to keep the jobs.
So now Boeing is in partnership with a chinese state company to make jets there. Boeing said in another article I read said it would not effect jobs here in the US. Do they make military jets? Helping china economy and military?
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