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Bear Creek

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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 11:00 AM
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Drug overdose in Ohio jail in Chillicothe


Makes one wonder just how much of the drug problem is law enforcement.
I thought with the amount of people envolved it would have made national headlines.

Rand Paul

Is in russia trying to make nice and invite them to the usa. What the hell their millitary directly involved interference and hacking. He needs to. be censured when he gets back.

This needs stopped

Earlier today the idiots were saying Hitler was a liberal. Now trumps son and they are not apologizing. This needs to be confronted. They say whatever because they know if it gets repeated enough times it will be believed.
They have been running a propaganda campaign.

On the same line the press needs to quit covering trumps every stupid move. He does not care if the coverage is good or bad because that in the long run does not matter. All publicity is good to him. Ignoring him or mocking him will get to him.
Circus side show is diverting attention from the horrible things they are doing. Like besty devos changing the regs for online schools. Or the fact they are removing pollution controls from our waterways.
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