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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 3,279

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Bill Gates doing the COVID Rope-a-Dope


Got my COVID shot. Totally blind luck!

With my small business 90% shut down for a YEAR now, due to COVID, I had to find other ways to make money, one of them being a "Shipt shopper" an app like Instacart. I qualified for prescription deliveries, which is mostly what I do, way easier than buying bananas and beer and Pampers for people.
On Wednesday, I picked up at a CVS pharmacy in Arcadia, California, and on the way out I saw the manager putting together a sign, part of which I could see, that said "COVID VACCINATIONS HERE".
I asked if they were giving the shots, he said he had only found out that morning and got his parents set up at 4 in the morning. He told me to go straight home, use a computer, not a phone, because it could take hours to get through..so I stopped working went home, logged on and WAITED...for 2 hours it just kept saying i was "in the waiting room". I was gonna give up. I went and made a sandwich, got ready to go back out to work, then sat at computer to eat sandwich and VOILA!, suddenly I got through, made an appointment for yesterday at 10:30am.
Got there early and had to wait a bit, the pharmacist had come in late and needed time to extract the serum or something, no problem, I've waited a year, I can wait some more, and by 11:30 I was done and my next shot automatically scheduled for 4 weeks from now.
No side effects, I worked all day after the shot, just my arm is sore as expected. I slept better than I have in a year, at least one HUGE worry is halfway over with and will be gone entirely in a month!
I can't remember the web site but i just put "CVS covid shot" in a search engine and found the right page.

USA must invade!


From now on I'm spelling it "RepubliQans". n/t

I Do Not Want To Unify, I want You All To Putrify!


I do not like that man Ted Cruz, I do not like his far-right views, I do not like his stupid chin,

I do not like his smarmy grin.


Found on imgur

If T. is convicted by Senate, will his pardons still be in effect?

Sorry if this has been covered before, I couldn't find it.

Why publicize riot arrests? Doesn't it just give trump a list of people he will then pardon?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I've been away from DU for a few days.

I'm just wondering if it wouldn't be better to keep arrests secret, or to wait to arrest until trump is out.

If he pardons people like the guy who took over Pelosi's office, he's going to make them into Mega-Heroes of mythical proportions to all the other assholes out there.

'Murica is a CHRISTIAN Nation by God!

ROLLING BILLBOARD in Georgia. Fantastic.

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