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Profile Information

Name: Jason Kelly
Gender: Male
Hometown: Marietta Georgia
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 29, 2016, 11:04 AM
Number of posts: 413

Journal Archives

After Hillary Wins

It's January 9th, 2017, you get to write the first five things Hillary will tackle

I'd like to see

1) First and foremost we need to get a very Progressive SCOTUS Justice in place. Hopefully Justices Kennedy, Ginsburg, and Breyer retire during her first term so that she can make the appointments.

2) Second Issue we need to have the courage to tackle is gun control. I know it's a tough fight but we can't constantly shy away from a fight every time the Republicans and the NRA start screaming. I think after the beating their going to get when Trump drags their Party down their spirits will be low and we'll be able to keep the momentum of the election going and finally accomplish some meaningful gun control measures. While we should move to an eventual outright ban on all guns we can't do it overnight so I'd be very happy with a ban on assault weapons, ban on high capacity clips, universal background check, registration, licensing (with intense mental health screening and safety training) and stiff penalties for violating these laws. This will be a great start to joining the rest of the civilized world and make our streets much safer for everyone.

3) Universal Healthcare, if we can win the gun control battle this one will be easy. People are already getting fed up with their health insurance companies so I think the time will be right to finally set this in stone. While a lot of very smart people point to how much time it takes to

4) Tackling minimum wage, after the gun control and universal healthcare fights are won this one should be next. Every American has a right to a living wage, especially the poorest Americans. This issue reaches everyone and will be something that will make a huge difference in their lives; and they'll thank us for it in 2020.

5) Immigration, we need to create a path to citizenship for these families that are already here and the ones that are coming. Personally I like the idea of settling them in the South to start making States like Texas Purple but of course they can live wherever they like. These people will help balance out the white majorities that are entrenched and obliterate any remaining white minority rule.

With these 5 changes I think Hillary would be a shoe in for 2020 and would firmly build upon the foundations Obama has laid.

It will be a very exciting four years.

Don Fowler, how not to help

While I understand where he is coming from (while HRC has the best treatment available pneumonia can be fatal) it is highly unlikely that Hillary's condition worsens, in that I'd be willing to be my life on the outcome, so there is no need to announce something like this.

Yes the DNC should always have a plan for the worst but in this case announcing this will only make things worse.

We don't kick our candidate while she's down; we're Democrats, we help her up and get her back in the saddle.

Perhaps it's time for someone to take the microphone away from Mr. Fowler.


Hello Fellow Democrats!

I can now actually make a post introducing myself (I was told to do this first but I couldn't until I made 10 posts).

My parents both met working for President Truman's 1948 Election (the one made famous by the "Dewey Defeats Truman" Newspaper Headline) and married 10 years later. My family was always very active in the Democratic Party and because of that I've been able to meet some very interesting people. My earliest memories are of my parents and grandparents lamenting the "Dixiecrats" that wouldn't get on board with moving the party forward; at the time I was too young to know what was going on.

I've been a lifelong Democrat and have stuck with the party through thick and thin. While I've seen some dark days I usually don't let them get me down at all as I learned a long time ago that the sky isn't falling and things are never as bad as they seem. It is really great to see the younger generations take the Party forward and unlike a lot of people my age I think we're handing the torch over to what will turn out to be the smartest generation yet. I know a lot of younger Democrats were very disappointed that Bernie Sanders did not win the nomination but we all have to put our loyalty to our Party first because while individuals can let you down, our Party (really a movement!) will not.

I will say that the biggest thing that has changed our landscape is the internet. I remember at the County Committee meetings people telling me that Reagan would ruin America, then after the first Bush was elected that we'd never see another Democrat in the Presidency again, then I heard it again when the next Bush took over. Now with the internet it's much easier to look back at our history as our memory last a lot longer! We can look back and see what somehow pulled out of what should have been our doom and that every storm had it's end. The point of all this is just to say that we have a Party that is based on a movement while the Republicans have a party that is based on stopping us; we're winning this marathon.

I want you all to do one thing, 10 years from now look back on these pages and understand that whatever storm we're weathering then will pass just as they always have.

Vote Hillary!
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