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Member since: Fri Sep 2, 2016, 11:00 PM
Number of posts: 2,678

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What I want to know is

why wasnít this vile woman charged with 1st degree, premeditated homicide? I think a death sentence, in this case, merits use. Just sayin.

Im curious. Does anyone have a problem with

with Billy Graham laying in state? My problem is this; we are NOT a theocracy. I find it all odd, thatís all.

Thank You For the Heart!

That made my day! Really!😍😍😋

Manny Machado

That young man can play some 3rd base!

I call them

Simplistically stupid!

Cubs down 6-0 after 8 2/3

Personally I hope it does not return to the Friendly Confines. Will the Cubs win another game, will the Cubs score another run? By the way I'm not a Dodgers fan, at all. I just don't like the Cubs! Final 6-0!!

My late great-grandmother was a Republican, an

Eisenhower Republican.

How many?

I'm watching the news about Matthew. Okay my question is this; how many Rethugs, their area not effected by Matthew, will be total dickheads about aid for said affected areas? I bet quite a few. Hey, they will offer their "thoughts and prayers" though!

Everyday when picking my

son up from school I always, so far, get behind this woman in the "pick up" lane. Doesn't matter what time I arrive; she's there. I get to look at these bumper sticker slogans, they are good at "sloganeering:" Obama Energy plan; it's a bicycle with a tire being pumped up.? "Liberalism: moochers electing looters to steal from producers. Here's my favorite; "Former embryo on board." Okay, weren't we all "embryos?" 🤔

David Korn

just called tRump "Putins poodle." A new hashtag?
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