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Member since: Sun Sep 4, 2016, 06:10 PM
Number of posts: 18,952

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FBI, Russia, RNC, etc, against Hillary, but she still ROSE UP to get over 3Mil more votes....


Trump supporters didn't like his Happy Hanukkah tweet





More of the tweets are here - https://twitter.com/nsilverberg/status/813419882872127488


Trump couldn't resist to Obama article today and is tweeting again...


President Obama: I Could Have Beaten Donald Trump


The Emperor has No Clothes...



Happy Holidays Email from Hillary to supporters

From: Hillary Clinton <info@hillaryclinton.com>
Subject: Happy holidays, xxxx!
Date: December 26, 2016 at 10:34:44 AM PST

xxx —

Before this year ends, I want to thank you again for your support of our campaign. While we didn't achieve the outcome we sought, I'm proud of the vision and values we fought for and the nearly 66 million people who voted for them.

I believe it is our responsibility to keep doing our part to build a better, stronger, and fairer future for our country and the world.

The holidays are a time to be thankful for our blessings. So let us rejoice in this season and look forward with renewed hope and determination.

I wish you and your family health, happiness, and continued strength for the New Year and the work ahead.

I look forward to staying in touch in 2017. Onward!

With deep appreciation and warm wishes, I am,



Post election letter to Hillary from 12 year old girl




Hillary siting - posted on twitter earlier today...



1987 article explicitly saying Soviets were cultivating Trump for Prez




Preparing for President Trump A 10-point plan for activists, politicians, the press & everyday...


Many Americans would not be surprised if on Jan. 20 Vladimir Putin administers the oath of office to Donald Trump, the Ku Klux Klan youth choir regales the inaugural crowd with a stirring rendition of “Dixie,” the Chamber of Commerce orchestra performs “Hail to the Chief” and the inaugural party is catered by Carl’s Jr. (whose CEO, billionaire Andrew Puzder, a foe of the minimum wage, is Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor). ExxonMobil (whose CEO, Rex Tillerson, is secretary of state-designate) and Goldman Sachs (whose president, Gary Cohn, will be director of Trump’s National Economic Council) could pay for the whole thing.

There’s a Pete Seeger song that begins: “You know it’s darkest before the dawn. And this thought keeps me moving on.” If ever there was a time to heed those words, this is it.

There were some bright spots this election:

* Voters in Arizona, Washington, Colorado and Maine voted to raise the minimum wage.

* South Dakota defeated a ballot measure to lower the minimum wage even though Trump won there.

* Voters in Arizona’s Maricopa County defeated anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio by a landslide 59 percent to 41 percent, aided by the 130,000 new Latino voters who registered to vote in the last year.

* Virginia defeated an anti-union “right-to-work” ballot measure.

* In many battleground districts, voters elected progressive Democrats and/or defeated right-wing Republicans. Josh Gottheimer, for one, defeated seven-term Rep. Scott Garrett — an extremist Republican and a founder of the tea party — in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District.

* In North Carolina, which went for Trump, Democrat Roy Cooper won the gubernatorial election, beating incumbent Pat McCrory (who now has signed legislation stripping power from the governor’s office before his successor is sworn in.)

*The number of women, black, Asian and Latino officials elected this year reached an all-time high.


continued here: http://billmoyers.com/story/list-anti-trump-liberals-progressives/

Voter says he was uninformed when he cast his vote for Trump


WTF. He said "I was uninformed when I voted..." That's on him - in this internet age, no one should be uninformed. Now he has no healthcare. 🙄
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