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Member since: Sun Sep 4, 2016, 06:10 PM
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My email to Electoral College Electors - got a reply back...yay!

The reply back:
Dearest <myname>,

Thank you so very Much for taking part and being active in our Form of government. You are correct in accordance with our founders the Electoral College was established to prevent such abuse of Political power. It would ensure that in our form of Government, which might allow that a simple Majority would never trample on the rights of the minority. After all that is what the best minds that have ever existed in the study of Political and Social society had claimed...that a pure democracy IS the worst form of Government. This is what our Founders feared and sought to prevent.

It's was established long ago that worst form of government is a Democracy😞. The threat where a simple majority can easily and always trample on the rights of any Minority is what our founders were aiming to prevent in establishing our Constitutional Guarantee of a Constitutional Republican Form of Government representation where all Peoples are properly represented. <myname>, This is how our government was established.

This does not mean that is a Republican only rule. For I my friend am not a "Republican" nor am I a "Democrat" these two names have lost their standing,meaning and virtue and that is why America has spoken. I am an American First and foremost! I was born in Mexico, but made in America. I was blessed by the grace of God to be afforded the opportunity to become a True American on Aug 14, 1995. The next year I joined the Army were I have served on and off since on Active Duty, in the National Guard and in the Reserves.

I have received hundred of letters, cards petitions and countless emails like yours which now make me think that this is a well coordinated effort to steal the Election as the safeguards that our Founders emplaced prevented the true unqualified, Unethical, distrustful, self serving person to win the election by a simple majority.

Our established selection of our President gives equal voice to both small and large states. Hence the Electoral System.

I ignored all other request to change my Electoral vote. But to yours; God moved me to respond, not sure if your story is true or if you are part of a grand large attempt to steal an election.

<myname>, please rest assure that the fears you listed will not occur. Don't believe what you are being fed. We as True Americans will not allow that a few master elitist will control all Americans. Trump will not Violate the US Constitution, please now this.

Please refer to Article IV section 4 of our beloved US Constitution. Where it Guarantees that we are not a simple Democracy where a simple Majority can rule and trample on the rights of any Minority. But that the US Constitution Gives us a concrete Guarantee that any Majority can never abuse its power and subjugate its will on any Minority. This applies both ways.

<myname> we are blessed to have a True form of Government in which all citizens despite race, back ground or origins, like me have a true Representation under our Constitutional Republican democracy where all are recognized and represented.

I Promise you <myname>, every little thing will be alright.

Respectfully submitted,

"Deeds Not Words"
Hector Maldonado
Mexican Born... American Made!
Proud American US Army Combat Veteran!

I responded to the Terrorist attacks in NYC on 9-11. I fought for you and almost died but saved by the US Air Force in Afghanistan. I also fought for you in Iraq and other places.

<myname>, we will all be alright, I promise!


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My letter:
Dear Electoral College Electors:

The Electoral College is poised to elect the most unprepared, corrupt, untruthful, intemperate candidate in our entire history, one who appears to be a misogynistic, racist, mentally unstable narcissist. His quick-trigger, authoritarian temper would harm us within and beyond our borders.

The purpose of the Electoral College is to prevent an unqualified demagogue from assuming presidential power. In Alexander Hamilton’s words (Federalist No. 68):

“This process of election (the Electoral College) affords a moral certainty that the office of President will seldom fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

Now is the time to use this built-in safety mechanism to prevent a very dangerous man from becoming president. Twenty-one states do not restrict which candidate their electors vote for. In these states, it is perfectly legal for electors to vote for the candidate who received more than 2 million more votes and preserve our democracy.

Alexander Hamilton asked that you, the electors, exercise “a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements… proper to govern [your] choice.” Reason should dictate the absolute necessity of keeping Trump out of office.

The majority of American voters (64 million and counting) voted against him. We beg that you do too. This country’s stature in the world, our people, our children, and our future are depending on you.

<myname>…mom to two kids, concerned US citizen, Air Force veteran

WI Recount Pics of ballots not counted by machines, but manual recounts is including


(photos couldn't be taken of the actual ballots, so observers created these using sample ballots to show the type of votes that the machines missed and are now included due to the manual votes)

Voter wrote in name versus filling in the bubble

Voter circled the name versus filling in the bubble

Philadelphias voluntary recount can trigger automatic Pennsylvania statewide recount


Even as third party candidate Jill Stein continues to mount a legal battle to force a statewide recount in Pennsylvania, the voting totals in the state have been wildly fluctuating since election day. Pennsylvania first claimed that Donald Trump had won the state by more than seventy thousand votes, but has now reduced that total to fewer than fifty thousand. As such, Philadelphia is now engaging in a voluntary recount. And under state law, if the results in Philadelphia shift by a certain margin, it will trigger an automatic statewide recount.


Ahead of the Philly recount, the statewide vote totals have been shifted as various precincts have found more votes they missed the first time, or corrected errors, such that Donald Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania is now around 0.8%.

Under state law, if that drops to 0.5%, Pennsylvania will be legally required to hold an automatic statewide recount. Officials in the state would not be able to stop it from happening, even if they opposed it. Nor would Donald Trump be able to stop the recount by going to court

New congressman Jamie Raskin shows exactly the right attitude Democrats need for taking on Trump


He has the right attitude about how Democrats need to fight, and hot DAMN did he ever put that on display at a rally Wednesday night in the D.C. suburbs:

“They can make a white supremacist the chief strategist for the White House,” he said, invoking Steve Bannon. “They can make an anti-public school activist [Betsy DeVos] the secretary of education. They can make Jeff Sessions the attorney general of the United States of America, but my friends, we are still here.”

“They can put Goldman Sachs back in charge of the Treasure Department, but we are still here. They can try to dismantle the EPA, but we are still here. They can put a fox in charge of every hen house—they can put the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin in charge of Gotham City—but we are still here, and we’re not going anywhere.” [...]

Raskin had a bit more to say about Bannon. “We’re not letting any prepped-out Harvard Business School neo-Nazi strategize us into becoming Germany 1933,” he vowed, “and we will not let a cabinet of robber barons and white nationalists destroy everything the civilizing movements of the last century created.”
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