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Member since: Sun Sep 4, 2016, 06:10 PM
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Fareed Zakaria spoke for all of us in this one.


The Elephant in the Room...


Torch-wielding protesters gather at Lee Park in Charlottesville..chanting "Russia is our friend"


Several dozen torch-wielding protesters gathered in Charlottesville’s Lee Park just after 9 p.m. Saturday, chanting “You will not replace us,” “Russia is our friend” and “Blood and soil.”

After about 10 minutes, Charlottesville police arrived at the scene following an altercation between protesters. The crowd quickly dispersed with no further incidents, according to police.

In April, Charlottesville City Council voted to sell the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that stands in the park, but a judge earlier this month issued an injunction that prevents the city from doing so for six months.

The city's decision has drawn considerable consternation from Southern heritage groups, Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart and a number of others in Virginia and elsewhere.

Richard Spencer, a University of Virginia graduate and a white nationalist who popularized the term "alt-right," wrote about the events at the statues of Confederate Gens. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Lee in several Twitter posts.

Right-wing blogger Jason Kessler, who led an unsuccessful attempt to oust City Councilor Wes Bellamy over an effort to remove the Lee statue, also posted about the event. Several photos posted by them appear to correspond to the scene as described by a Daily Progress reporter.


...continued at link

Scary shit. Where has my America gone. Trump needs to be impeached as I want my America back.

Law firm Dumpty used to show he has no ties to Russia was named Russia Law Firm of the Year


Seriously, is Dumpth cray cray or what. Or is he that dumb? Or is that he doesn't give a f***

Trump's answer to "what is 2 +2?"


Ron Wyden says he's placed a hold on a Treasury Dept. nominee till the admin produces docs on Russia


Wow a dem that is the ranking member of a committee

Comey's goodbye letter to his folks


Trump allows Russian media into WH meeting, but not US media-that tells us who is in charge of US



GOP Greed Over People...


This is How Democracy Dies...

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