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Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta, Gerogia
Home country: USA! USA! USA!
Current location: Tampa, Florida
Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 06:45 AM
Number of posts: 8,440

About Me

Alias - HABanero(passion) E-9-1-1(career, retired telco engineering) HHC 3rd Bde, 2nd Inf Div, Korea DMZ HHC 197th Bde, 3rd Army, Ft. Benning Ga

Journal Archives

What humans will look like on Mars

Colonizing Mars might be the best chance to ensure the human species survival in the future. In order to adapt to Mar's hostile living conditions, our bodies will evolve in ways that might end up with a completely new species of human. Following is a script of the video.

When it comes to colonizing new worlds, Mars could be humanity's best option.

But the journey won't be like it was in the past for pioneers like Ferdinand Magellan, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, and Neil Armstrong.

This new frontier will be the most extreme challenge yet. It's not just learning how to survive on an alien planet with less oxygen, a weaker gravitational pull, and more harmful radiation. It's enduring the changes that these extreme conditions will have on the human body manipulating it in ways that we can only begin to imagine.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex depart Windsor Castle

for a reception hosted by The Prince of Wales at Frogmore House, in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. This vehicle was originally manufactured in 1968, and has since been converted to electric power


The WH hosted military spouses today.

Our armed forces are 40% non-white. The odds that -- BY CHANCE -- a group of 52 military spouses would contain no people of color are lower than 100 trillion to 1. So, umm....


Lockheed Martin prepares to turn on U.S. Air Force Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll

SAN FRANCISCO — In June, Lockheed Martin plans to complete integration of the U.S. Air Force Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands and begin tracking objects, at least in a testing mode.

Full integration and testing is scheduled to begin in July as the company confirms the S-band radar array meets all contractual requirements.

“After that, we will turn it over to the Air Force for testing and trials,” said Bruce Schafhauser, Lockheed Martin Space Fence program manager.

As companies prepare to send hundreds or thousands of satellites into communications constellations in low Earth orbit, government agencies and commercial satellite operators are calling for enhanced space situational awareness and space traffic management.

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