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Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta, Gerogia
Home country: USA! USA! USA!
Current location: Tampa, Florida
Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 06:45 AM
Number of posts: 8,317

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Alias - HABanero(passion) E-9-1-1(career, retired telco engineering) HHC 3rd Bde, 2nd Inf Div, Korea DMZ HHC 197th Bde, 3rd Army, Ft. Benning Ga

Journal Archives

Bird on Bamboo

I was surprised by the colors in this bamboo in the setting sun and how it looks like a perfect Florida style Christmas tree!
Taken 12/23

To all my photographer friends

A Christmas Lily bloomed and the honeybees love it. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

One of the crew, late afternoon

I should have gotten a model release signed

and they may think so too. The crew was doing their duty in my neighbor's yard

The Navy needs about six months to separate unvaccinated sailors; here's what they can expect

Source: Navy Times

t could take more than six months to separate sailors who have refused to get COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Navy officials.

“Let me be clear up front: We want every sailor to receive the vaccine and stay Navy,” Rear Adm. James Waters III, director of military personnel, plans and policy, told reporters Tuesday. “And if a sailor gets their shot, we will honor that and make every effort to retain them.”

While most separations will happen in the first half of 2022, Waters expects some cases to continue past then.

“I will say that we think the bulk of these separations will happen in the time period between now and 1 June, because we are providing that window for anyone eligible to retire or separate in that timeframe to do so. … However, we understand that there will be cases that will go past that point,” Waters said.

Read more: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2021/12/15/the-navy-needs-about-six-months-to-separate-unvaccinated-sailors-heres-what-they-can-expect/

Army vax deadline: 2 battalion commanders relieved, discharges begin January, 98% comply

Source: Military Times

The Army’s deadline for active duty troops to be vaccinated against COVID-19 passed Wednesday, and Army officials offered a snapshot of the service’s data and next steps in a Thursday morning release.

The vast majority of the Army’s approximately 485,900 active duty soldiers have complied with the Pentagon’s vaccine requirement, the release said — 96% of troops are fully vaccinated, and an additional 2% have received at least one dose.

Only 3,864 soldiers have “refused the vaccination order without a pending or approved exemption,” the release said. That includes two battalion commanders and an additional four “leaders” who have been relieved, but the release didn’t specify the rank or echelon of the latter four.

In January, commanders will begin involuntarily discharging soldiers who have refused the shot. Most of them — 2,767 — have already received a general officer memorandum of reprimand, an adverse administrative action that could end their careers even if they now opt to get the shot.

Read more: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/12/16/army-vax-deadline-2-battalion-commanders-relieved-discharges-begin-january-98-comply/

More than 100 Marines kicked out of the service for refusing Covid vaccine

So far

An update on the situation with my son's girlfriend

I know some of you have been pretty concerned.

She has taken going to jail pretty hard, refusing all food, spitting and screaming at everyone, and threatening violence at anyone who comes near her. She's smeared the walls with feces and is refusing to wear clothes.

As a family we're pretty united in our decision not to play Monopoly with her anymore
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