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Member since: Thu Sep 8, 2016, 10:56 PM
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First they made the Coast Guard work without pay

(With apologies to Niemoller and the many victims of the Holocaust... I realize this is an entirely different scale.)

First they made the Coast Guard work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because I do not live near the coast.

Then they made the TSA work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because I was not flying any time soon.

Then they made the National Park Service work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because, hey... now I can get into Parks for free!

Then they made the IRS work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because I was not getting a refund.

Then they made the State Department work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because I do not have any dealings with foreign countries.

Then they made the Farm Service Agency work without pay, and I did not speak outó
Because I am not a farmer.

Then they made...

My apologies also to the many other federal agencies working without pay that I have not listed above, but I'm hoping everyone see where this is going...

Why not open the "non-border security" departments?

As my wife and I are both DHS employees, I'm a little hesitant to bring this up, but...

Has anyone in the media asked the Senate Republicans why they can't fund and open the departments within the federal government that don't deal with border security? Border security is pretty much all in the Department of Homeland Security's wheelhouse, so shouldn't it be possible to fund the other departments (Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, State, Justice... maybe others) while still negotiating border security funding for DHS?

I believe the House has passed bills to fund some of these individual departments. If the Senate is not acting on them, can the Republicans say why they won't put those forward? (And if they say it is because the President would not sign them, the media should put that question to him, or his spokesliars.)

Frame this correctly: Trump is holding federal workers hostage.

Trump has essentially resorted to terrorism. He is currently holding 800,000 federal workers as economic hostages. That doesn't even factor in the damage to National Parks and other public lands, the economic toll on small businesses like restaurants and coffee shops that got much of their business from nearby federal workers, and the impacts of lost productivity at Federal agencies.

Democrats need to push that point. Emphasize that Democrats want to improve border security just as Trump and the Republicans want to improve border security. We are willing to negotiate how much to spend and how it should be spent to achieve improved border security. But we don't negotiate with terrorists. As long as the Trump admin holds federal workers as hostages, Democrats cannot in good conscience even begin to negotiate.

Democrats are willing to reopen the federal government immediately and then negotiate a solution on border security. Congressional Republicans can join them and end the hardships that federal workers and the entire country are experiencing, or they can be complicit with the Trump administration in this economic assault on the federal workforce.

A chilling thought...

Not that we need any more of them lately but it really scares me that Trump, who spent so much of the campaign projecting his own thoughts and faults on other people, yesterday accused two Senators of trying to start World War III.
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