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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Very sad. Trumpism and Putinism are existential

threats to Western democracy, and both men have to be strongly opposed. Appeasement does not work. It is our social media, our big corporations etc that allow this. It is our gov't that has been too weak on Putin over the past 20 years, appeasing him hoping it would make him go away, but has only emboldened him. We should expand and strengthen NATO - Ukraine and Georgia should've been members a long time ago. If Ukraine falls it would be a terrible day for the West.

Gabbard is spouting Kremlin propaganda. Russia has no threat

to its national security or borders. The opposite is true. It is a threat to and has breached the borders of its neighbors and is waging active campaigns to install pro-Russian/anti-NATO leaders across the globe.

NATO should be expanded and strengthened, and Ukraine should've been a member a long time ago.

Putin is waging war on the West.

Ukraine is scary to him because Ukraine has shown that (despite their issues w/corruption) they have what it takes to be a Western style democracy. If Ukraine can succeed and be properous and free - then Russians may want the same thing - which could spell the end to Putin and his oligarchs.

The West is making a grave mistake in appeasing Putin (and Xi, but China is heavily dependent on Western consumers in a way Russia is not) who only respects military force. NATO should've built up forces in that region once Putin moved on Crimea. By doing little in response Putin has become emboldened. He messed with our elections in 2016 and helped to install Trump. Putin has never paid any real price for these actions and thus continues on.

Yep, saw Owens on with Joy Reid,

was very good:

+1. The West's naivete regarding Hitler

mirrors our approach to Putin, who is an existential threat to liberal democracy and is actively waging war against us.

Putin got away with stealing Crimea and installing Trump - and has become emboldened.

We should be expanding and strengthening NATO, supporting pro-Western movements and countering Russian cyberwarfare. Thugs like Putin only understand dominance, and we should be forcing him into a subordinate and weakened position. Simply ignoring and/or appeasing him is not an option... it's a zero sum game.

+1. Russia/Putin is a hostile and cancerous force in this world,

and not in any way a legitimate regime. We should expand and strengthen NATO and support pro-Western governments - and force Putin into a subordinate position.

Just as our media normalized Trump the West has made a grievous mistake in normalizing Putin - a KGB thug and dictator who is waging war on the West.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation and should be in NATO. Putin can go F himself.

The West has appeased Putin for far too long, who annexed Crimea and then interfered in our 2016 elections which gave us Trump and a RW Supreme Court for the next 20 years.

Putin is an anti-Western white supremacist thug like Trump is, an existential threat to liberal democracy.

We should be expanding and strengthening NATO - power/dominance is the only thing thugs understand.

We should also be strongly supporting pro-democracy movements inside of Russian, eg Navalny.

Lol, is Laurence Tribe a 'TV Lawyer'?

what about ex Sen. Claire McCaskill, both of whom have been very critical of Merrick Garland.

Tribe was on MSNBC the other night and he (his words, not mine) said he think the DOJ has 'rolled over and played dead' when it comes to prosecuting Trump who should be indicted for sedition. Tribe said there is more than enough evidence to do so.

Face it - Garland is another Mueller - in that he values institutions more than justice or 'appearing political'.

We have Trump running around admitting he wanted to overturn the election, fake elector schemes, pressuring the VP, etc.

If this is not sedition (and treason) then what is?

+1. As an Xer I agree. Boomers simply don't get this

and the rage and desperation that is driving the younger generations.

Boomers grew up in a relatively safe and prosperous environment created by FDR and the Greatest Generation. They had the Cold War and Vietnam to deal with, but overall the West was in good shape compared to now.

All we Xers got was consumerism, Reaganism, crack pipes and crystal meth and a hollowed out economy and rising cost of living. We were told that the manufacturing jobs were leaving, but there would be limitless 'high tech' jobs for the future. Now followed by what the gen Y and Z are getting which is even less than we got. That is why so many have turned against 'the establishment' because they feel empty and betrayed.

+1. Putin is waging information warfare across the globe.

Trump was elected due to a major Russian campaign of disinformation, which helped him win a close election over Hillary, which then allowed him to appoint 3 Supreme Court justices which now cements the court's rightward tilt for a generation.

Russian hackers hack companies and gov't agencies all over the world on a daily basis. Russian troll farms work to control narratives online.

IOW, Putin has already committed serious acts of aggression against the West, yet has suffered few consequences and feels emboldened as a result.
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