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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Agree, Manchin said recently

he's open to reforming the filibuster to 'make it more painful... make them stand and talk' - which IMO means he sees at least some problem with the filibuster in its current incarnation. Voting rights and civil rights are crucial to democracy and should be exempt from filibusters, especially considering the history of Jim Crow and how filibusters were used by Southern segregationists to obstruct progress.

The quicker we get the world vaccinated

the more difficult it will be for the virus to spread and mutate, as even the existing vaccines have some defense against the variants, which (along with masking, social distancing etc) slows it down until we get booster shots specifically designed to fight the variants.

Manchin is open to modifying the filibuster,

saw him on MTP and he said he's open to 'making it more painful.. make them stand' ie old school style.

We could also exempt voting/civil rights bills from the filibuster to get HR1 and HR4 passed, otherwise the GOP voter suppression efforts will have devastating effects.

The EC is hardcoded into the Constitution and much harder to get rid of. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) may be one method to get around it.

Trump's rise happened for a reason, and we need to take heed.

Trump's main appeal (aside from the racist clown show) was that he would crack down on trade, immigration and outsourcing that has become a major problem over the past 40 years under both parties. Americans don't want too much immigration or outsourcing, which creates strain on the social safety net, makes jobs harder to find and depresses wages. Dems truly do need to move to the center on these issues otherwise we risk a Trumper style candidate winning in 2024.

Voters will overwhelmingly support Dems if we show them we're like FDR - standing for the 99% of Americans vs the 1%. Globalism is here to stay, and we need a left leaning version of it that benefits regular people in all countries.

Pepe Le Pew is rapey, but maybe they should just update the character,

so as to avoid the RW coming at us with the 'cancel culture' strawman.

Lots of cartoons and old shows have ugly elements that are out of place today. We can't just dump all of those characters. Updating what they represent, like I guess they did with Barbie (introduced more 'empowered' versions) could possibly work.

Seinfeld is one of the best shows, and when I look back at it and other shows from that time - it has several racist/sexist etc elements even as it tried to be ironic about it. The list goes on. In Living Color was also a great show from the 90s but there were numerous skits that could be viewed as sexist, racist, abelist, homophobic etc.

+1. The charges against Cuomo seem similarly hollow as the Biden charges,

ie, the 'he hugged me/smiled/sniffed' type of charges which also seemed timed for maximum political damage.

If Cuomo goes down look for the RW/far-LW to attempt to finish the job Tara Reid could not and try to take down Biden. We could see a new round of accusers who 'suddenly remember' a glance/hug/sniff that may or may not have happened 30 years ago.

If a Repub Gov wins in 2022 he will.

There are alot of posts such as 'of course Hochul would not pardon Trump..' which is obvious and not what people are worrying about with this issue. Hochul is a solid, reputable mainstream Dem and a fine person.

The issue is the takedown of Cuomo is about taking down the entire NY Dem establishment including Hochul, who their political enemies will use to tie them all together and take them down at once. That's how politics works. The progressive-left want to do this and the Repubs want to as well. The question is who will win the gov's mansion as a resut of the fallout. Progs often overestimate their electabilty in NY (in the state as well as the city, both of which have had popular Repub leaders in the past generation) while R's have shown an ability to slip into power admid chaos.

+1. Metro areas are the base of the Dem party.

The only reason Dems win anything is due to turnout in urban and suburban areas.

Now some of our base will not get the money, while MAGAts do - thanks to Manchin.

Wish we had just given Manchin cuts in other parts of the bill that would not matter as much politically.

It doesn't work like that. Taking down Bill also

was designed to take down Gore/Hillary and everyone else attached to the Dem establishment at that time, just as the Cuomo attacks are about taking down the NY Dems as a whole. Lt. Gov Hochul would be tagged by the GOP as a 'Cuomo enabler.. part of the Cuomo corrupt machine, etc'.

That's why fighting these hollow and hypocritical abushes is so important. Step back for a second. Cuomo is one of the best governors in the country. His state was ground zero for the pandemic in the earliest days, and he guided the state through it pretty well. He is a man of science who enforced mask mandates and enacted lockdowns - against the wishes of big business and monied interests - to the benefit of workers and regular people. Contrast that to the genocidal GOP governors (DeSantis, Abott, Ducey, Ivey, etc).

She's clueless; her thumbs down was almost a taunt to poor people.

When McCain did it he did so in support of the vulnerable to save the ACA.

Sinema IMO thinks she can be as arrogant as Manchin. The problem with that thinking is Manchin is in a deep red state and wins there due to his unique appeal (former governor) in the state. He's also a white man from a white state, who is in with the good ole boys club.

Sinema is a new Senator from a state that is purple, that Biden won, that is diverse and moving in a blue direction, that has several up and coming Dem stars like Rep Ruben Gallego and SoS Katie Hobbs and others who could easily defeat the clueless Sinema in a primary and likely perform better in the general election than Sinema did, who barely beat the terrible McSally.
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