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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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This is a job for government. FEMA's mass vaccination

sites have seemed to go well. The Federal Gov't should just setup a website and FEMA and DOH should handle everything. It's too much of a patchwork of various locations, websites etc. Just develop a uniform system with uniform methods and roll it out everywhere.

Manchin, like Graham, is doing what

big donors and big money interests want - not the people of his state who are poor and desperate for help.

As Biden would say: 'C'mon man! We're in an emergency and need to start acting like it.'

These conservative Dems are the worst, and deserve pushback,

as we're in a pandemic and people need help. If Dems won't help people, who will? There's nobody more establishment than Biden - why can't they just trust that he knows what he's doing? It's not just about the minimum wage, they keep trying to nitpick and reduce everything that 'regular people' need (eligibilty thresholds for the stimulus check, unemployment assistance/duration). This is not about voters (most of whom want help) in their states, but about pleasing donors and big money interests.

Lots of accusers came out against Biden also,

there's always a bandwagon effect with people wanting to pile on, which doesn't make the accused any more or less guilty, but simply the nature of how politics (and opportunism) works.

If there's hard evidence he did something wrong the accusers should take it to a court of law.

But from everything I've seen, it just seems similar to the Biden stuff 'he sniffed me' type of thing where it's just an older man clumsily flirting.

It sets an awful precedent when Dems keep getting taken down by weak crap likes this when the former Republican president was pretty much responsible for 500k deaths and a deadly insurrection, and many Repub governors of that same mentality want to undercut voting rights as well as end lockdowns and mask mandates despite the pandemic still raging.

Cuomo has his flaws (and alot of his so-called 'bullying' comes from being a perfectionist) but he's a man who believes in science and in protecting human lives before protecting financial interests. NY is the economic capital of the world and he shut it down despite facing backlash from big money interests. In the big picture, Cuomo is one of the best governors in the country if not the best.

+1. Means testing is stupid and only divides our base

which is why Repubs want it and why the conservative Dems are just getting played. The Dem base is heavily urban and suburban, where incomes may be higher but cost of living is higher also.

Also 2019 tax returns are not relevant to the currrent situation.. even the 2020 returns may not be as people may now be laid off or struggling.

Just give people the money.

We can satisfy the conservative Dems by cutting something else that voters would not easily understand. But direct checks that they see others getting that they don't get - that creates resentment which Repubs love and will use in 2022.

+1. This a slippery slope. Cuomo must fight how Biden did, rope-a-dope

until the media gets tired and moves onto the next shiny object.

Remember it was the same type of hollow bullshit that similarly came from the right and far left then jumped on it to take down Biden. The right knew he was likely the only one who could beat Trump. The far left doesn't really care about electability and just wanted to stick it to the establishment. Basically same dynamic is playing out now. Trump is licking his chops with the hopes of getting a GOP governor who will pardon him on state charges.

Sure, it's the middle aged brown woman responsible for the toxic online culture.

Never mind that the Bernie and Trump fans online (most of whom are white) are well known for their abusive behavior - but yeah blame the brown lady for simply rolling with the punches. The truth is most of her detractors are just sore she beat them at their own game, and refused to run and hide.

That tweet is factual and not mean at all.

Tanden has been held to a racist and sexist double standard.

The Bernie fans and Trump fans (most of whom are white) online are well known for being some of the meanest tweeters - yet it's the middle aged brown woman who is taking the fall.

Sinema should be primaried

as she's from a purple state that a better Dem could win, such as Rep. Ruben Gallego or SoS Katy Hobbs.

Manchin is much more difficult as it's a deep red state.

And a Republican can win in NY.

There are some deluded progressive politicians who think one of them will win it - but NY really is not as progressive as they think. It is a state the relies heavily on business, with a city that is the business capital of the world. It is a state that like any big state can have alot of problems with crime, homelessness etc that many voters don't always agree with progressives on. In the chaos a Repub can win. NY had a fairly popular Republican gov in Pataki for years, and NYC had Repub mayors (Giuliani, Bloomberg) for 20 years straight. So Republicans have proven they know how to capitalize on NY Dem infighting.
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