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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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And Repubs would just swoop in and promise tax cuts

to those higher earners (many of whom are also struggling due to the pandemic) with the narrative that Dems are only for 'those people' (poor, PoC, etc) and not 'the middle class'. We would then lose all of the suburban voters we gained in 2018 and 2020.

The Two Santa Claus Theory is a political theory and strategy published by Wanniski in 1976, which he promoted within the United States Republican Party.[15][16] The theory states that in democratic elections, if Democrats appeal to voters by proposing programs to help people, then the Republicans cannot gain broader appeal by proposing less spending. The first "Santa Claus" of the theory title refers to the Democrats who promise programs to help the disadvantaged. The "Two Santa Claus Theory" recommends that the Republicans must assume the role of a second Santa Claus by not arguing to cut spending but offering the option of cutting taxes.

According to Wanniski, the theory is simple. In 1976, he wrote that the Two-Santa Claus Theory suggests that "the Republicans should concentrate on tax-rate reduction. As they succeed in expanding incentives to produce, they will move the economy back to full employment and thereby reduce social pressures for public spending. Just as an increase in Government spending inevitably means taxes must be raised, a cut in tax ratesóby expanding the private sectorówill diminish the relative size of the public sector."[16] Wanniski suggested this position, as Thom Hartmann has clarified, so that the Democrats would "have to be anti-Santas by raising taxes, or anti-Santas by cutting spending. Either one would lose them elections."[17]

F means testing - just give everyone who isn't a millionare the checks.

+1. It was a party, don't people touch and interact?

I've seen people pick others up and spin them around at parties. Her facial expression seems relaxed and smiling, as if having a good time, and there are lots of people around. Cuomo is also Italian, who are know to be more handsy and jovial folk.

Unless something actually damning comes out, I think Cuomo should fight this, as it sets an terrible precedent if people can just pile on to take down a powerful Dem. It is reminiscent of the women who claimed Biden was awkward around them etc, that culminated in the Tara Reid situation. It all just seemed 'timed' for political reasons. Biden stood firm and thank goodness he did.

Vaccinate all teachers - that would relieve stress on parents

and communities that depend upon school as a place to put the kids while the parents work or do other things.

Elderly should be the top priority, but our leaders have to realize other groups are under tremendous strain as well.

What it all comes down to is we need to pass Biden's rescue plan so we can get the rollout pumping better so more people can easily get the vaccine.
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