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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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If the shoe fits. Silverman is a racist snowflake

who can't cope with the type of hard hitting commentary on white America that Reid dishes out.

Whites are not the victims in America, no matter how much some want that narrative to be true.

Silverman is the typical Karen who is singling out Reid.

MSNBC's entire prime time lineup, starting from 4pm onwards are opinion/talking head shows, yet she singled out the only black person in that lineup. FOX and CNN also mostly do opinion shows in those time slots. That's what people want to see and what drives ratings. Read the AP or Reuters online, or watch before 4pm if you just want 'straight news'.

Reid, being an outspoken black woman, routinely gets attacked by fragile whites on the right and left... which tells me she's doing her job.

Cheap green energy is the solution to the world's problems,

it would greatly disempower these fossil fuel dictators. Hillary spoke about this in 2016, about making the US a 'green superpower', which is the way to frame the issue, in terms of national security and economic dominance.

That aside I think we should assemble a NATO force and station it inside Ukraine, which under no circumstances can be allowed to fall to Putin. It would be like allowing South Korea to fall to North Korea. Ukraine has its issues with corruption but they and their people want to be independent and democratic and it is sad they have to deal with this thug who won't leave them alone.

This is a fundamental flaw in conservative logic.

If you ever argue with them online or IRL, they have this delusion that the founding fathers and the founding documents somehow 'includes everyone' - they explicitly do not. The country was founded as a democracy for white male landowners - that was the intent.

Especially non-white and female conservatives - they'll argue on end about 'merit' and 'the Constitution' having given them their place in life. While ignoring (or having a blind spot to) the fact that the 'woke' movements (civil rights, women's rights etc) are the only real reason they have any rights at all.

There are many reasons for this trend.

The lockdowns hurt us with Latinos, many of whom didn't qualify for stimulus or unemployment, and can only survive if the economy is open.

The problem at the border, too much immigration (whether legal or illegal) directly affects Latinos here as they then have to compete with the new immigrants for jobs, housing etc. Biden is perceived as more liberal on immigration than Obama and Hillary was, who were more centrist on that issue and did far better with Latinos.

Crime is another major issue that Dem local officials (mayors, DA's, etc) are seen to be overly permissive of, and Latinos tend to be very family oriented and worry about crime.

Trump's strongman act works with many Latinos who come from countries with such leaders.

There is also alot of misinformation online which Dems fail to counteract. Our outreach to many of these communities (particularly in Florida and Texas) is poor.

There are also some Latinos who are more 'white identified' and don't like darker Latinos or black people.

True, but the same tired argument about rurals

has been made forever in countless books and articles over the past 20 years. Bullock is day late and a dollar short. Biden (son of small town Scranton) did campaign in small town America yet did about the same as Hillary with that voting bloc. A deeper analysis is needed to truly understand what message/policies would work and which voters are truly gettable, and how that would affect our current voters and swing voters we can actually get.

The truth is often ugly but a neccessary step

in healing and moving forward.

CRT is simply a continuation of the civil rights movement, which seeks to tell the true story of America, a country built upon freedom for some and slavery for others. No reading of America is complete without an understanding of this dichotomy.

Social justice more broadly is often uncomfortable because it forces various groups (white vs black, men vs women, gay vs straight, rich vs poor) to look at unearned privileges and how systems work to maintain hegemony.

The GOP has always been like this

at least in my lifetime (grew up in the 80s, Raygun was my first impression of a Repubilcan).

Nixon had the Southern Strategy and Watergate, Ronnie/Poppie had Lee Atwater and Iran-Contra... then there was Rush Limbaugh and hate radio that sought to bring down Bill Clinton.

Trump and the nature of the GOP base is not new, it's just more in the open.

Erin Burnett comes on at 7pm.

The problem with CNN is both siderism and an outdated understanding of what viewers seek from cable news. The modern day audience wants content with a well defined perspective. FOX has the RW audience. MSNBC is doing well because they positioned themselves as the liberal leaning alternative to FOX. The loyal cable news viewer is usually a political junkie who has strong views either way.

Bullock is as clueless about Dems as Christie is about Repubs.

Bullock is from a deep red state as Christie is from a deep blue state. Both were elected in a time before Trump/social media/alt-right which has changed the nature of American politics.

Biden (a son of the Rust Belt, who made an effort to campaign in small towns) did not do better in rural areas than Hillary did.
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