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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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"The defendant chased Valdez

and a struggle followed in which the defendant stabbed Valdez with a utility tool that contained a blade. Valdez died at a hospital the same day.

Valdez’s relatives wanted the defendant charged with first-degree murder and held in custody, but instead, he was charged with second-degree murder and also held on home monitoring.

Those orders sparked accusations of preferential treatment and led to protests at the Glenview Police Department and the Skokie courthouse last year."

The fact that Valdez was chased and this white thug is allowed to kill him and walk away - disgusting. And we hear the same bullshit we heard about Rittenhouse 'nice boy, bright future' type of bullshit. This system fuckin sucks and white people float around on a cloud of unearned privilege.

Whites are fundamenally viewed as innocent

and 'we can't mess up their lives' is what we constantly hear whenever a white is accused of anything wrong.

Blacks and browns are viewed as fundamentally guilty and deserving of harsh/brutal/ugly treatment.

Hence the unequal systems of justice in America, a country built upon slavery and a racial caste system which persists to this very day.

+1. Democracy cannot exist without justice,

which the left has stated for the past 100 years. You can't have a society in which some are exempt from the law while others are systematically held down by it. If Garland fails to act and Trump and his cronies are not punished it will only embolden them. The right is building an entire infrastructure to support a potential non-democratic future Trump admin.

Agree, I would make antivaxxers sign an informed consent form

stating that (a) the medical community has found that the vaccines are safe and effective (b) that I nevertheless choose to refuse the vaccine (c) and I thus relinquish all medical care should I contract Covid.

These people are the reason we can't get the pandemic under control. A pandemic is a wartime situation where the collective good must supercede individual rights. What would FDR do? Yeah, you know.

Hate crimes are an epidemic in America,

hundreds are reported daily and many are never reported.

U.S. Hate Crimes At New Decade High
by Katharina Buchholz, Aug 31, 2021
According to statistics released by the FBI, hate crimes have risen to their highest level in over a decade in the United States. Last year, there were 7,759 hate crime incidents, around 470 more than the total number reported in 2019 and, at an increase of 6 percent, showing a steeper growth than previous years.

The data shows that the majority of the reported hate crimes were motivated by race, ethnicity or ancestry bias (63.7 percent). Other motivating factors include religion (15.1 percent), sexual orientation (13.5 percent), gender identity (3.0 percent), disability (1.1 percent), and gender (0.9 percent). The statistics are a compilation of bias-motivated incidents submitted to the FBI by 15,588 law enforcement agencies.

Among hate crimes motivated by race, ethnicity and ancestry, Anti-Black hate crime was the most common at 2,755 out of 4,939 incidents. The number was up by almost 40 percent in a year that was marked by racial justice protests after the death of George Floyd. Offenses against Asians - often tied to the coronavirus pandemic - were also up from 161 in 2019 to 274 in 2020, meaning they increased by 70 percent while remaining a smaller type of incident.

The people who pounce on the Smollett situation were already outright racists or clueless types who subscribe an anti-BLM and white victimhood perspective ('see, the darkies really are just making it all up!') and are a much bigger problem in the overall picture than one troubled celebrity's stunt for attention.

Of course. A black woman in Texas mistakenly voted

and got sentenced to 5 years in prison. The white insurrectionists tried to overthrow the gov't and most are getting slaps on the wrist. It's how the system of white privilege works. Whites are viewed as inherently innocent thus sending them to prison is viewed to be painful and tragic, ie 'why mess up their lives, they simply made a mistake.' Where for non-whites being treated roughly and harshly is viewed as necessary and justified, and no benefit of the doubt is given.

Dem agenda is failing PoC, only thing they passed is white man's jobs bill ie BIF.

Lest we remind them that Biden is only President due to PoC saving him in SC during the primaries. In the general election it was PoC turnout in places like Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly and Atlanta that helped swing those states into the blue column.

Dems/Biden need to come down hard on Manchinema and get us BBB and voting rights. The Squad are not the ones standing in the way, nor did they push for anything 'far left', but only want standard things that every Dem should want.

I supported Hillary over Bernie and Shontel over Nina and am a man of color and lifelong Dem.

The Dem party wants to cater to Manchinema yet shove aside the PoC agenda - fuck that noise. There are marches planned in January around MLK day to pressure Dems/Biden/Manchinema to push through voting rights by any means necessary.

The Squad are disliked for the same reason Rosa Parks

was told to sit at the back of the bus, ie 'know your place.'

Manchinema are excused and coddled because they are white moderates, thus viewed as real Americans.

"I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice." - Martin Luther King

I'm not as confident as you are.

The article you cited is dated 9/30/20 and Barrett was sworn in 10/27/20.

The anti-democratic and anti-majoritarian strain within conservatism is strong and did not begin with Trump.

They desperately want an apartheid style system where a conservative white minority rules with an iron fist, and IMO will use whatever tortured logic they can to get there. The recent ruling on the Texas anti-choice bounty law shows us that 5 of them don't care about precedent, legitimacy or even basic logic.

My fear is we still don't know

what this SCOTUS would do. Roberts wouldn't go along but who knows what the other 5 would do, who just upheld the absurd Texas anti-choice bounty law.

IIRC, all of the cases SCOTUS ruled on during the 2020 election were related to state election law and process issues, not deeper Constitutional questions such as having legislatures select alternate slates of electors, having the VP reject electors, having it thrown into the House, etc.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there a right for voters to select the electors. The right is that of the state legislatures which have in all states decided to 'allow' the voters to do so. IOW, it has become a custom enshrined in state laws, but a rogue RW SCOTUS could decide to revert to an 'originalist' reading of the Constitution.
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