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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 09:37 PM
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Biden has some 'senior moments'

but voters 'know Joe' and view him as a good person, despite his flaws.

Trump is a deranged sociopath who must be removed from office.

The choice is clear, and I fully expect Biden to crush Trump, as moderates and others flock to the polls to restore normalcy.

The job of president is viewed as a job for a white man,

that's the fundamental problem. We can debate all day about who was and wasn't a good candidate, but the hard fact is that all but one of our presidents have been white guys.

And It's not that Dem voters are necessarily racist/sexist but they know others will be in the General Election so are defaulting to the 'safe white guy' as the fear of Trump getting reelected is too distressing.

In the left lane they could've picked Warren but picked the old white guy Bernie.

In the moderate lane they could've picked PoC (Castro,Booker,Kamala) or a LGBT (Pete) or a woman (Amy, Kamala, Gillibrand) - but once again chose the old white guy Biden.

Neither Bernie nor Biden ran good campaigns, and in spite of this are the last ones standing.

the hard-left has violent ideation which is evident on social media

where they can't pretend to be 'democratic' socialists or whatever they like to spin.

their pathological jealousy of the rich, which is overblown considering most of them are middle class first worlders (courtesy of capitalism, which gives them computers, videogames, twitter, etc where they can play 'revolutionary'), imo has more todo with entitlement and narcissism than any 'real' need.

it also shows how clueless they are about race/gender/etc - which has for hundreds of years been the true oppression. being wealthy never saved blacks or jews or women or gays from being relegated to second class citizens, violence, genocide, etc.

Jason Johnson nails it.

People like Joe Rogan, Cenk/TYT, Krystal Ball, Glen Greenwald - even when not outwardly racist are all about centering the white working class, while pushing PoC/women etc to the background and demonizing our success. Obama, Hillary, Kamala are all 'bad' - yet alot of these same 'populists' don't think a white man like Trump(the ultimate greedy conman) is really that bad.

All politics are identity politics.

Remember when the Stein/Sanders movement started on the left there were very few PoC, but the media pushes it as 'hip' (to appeal to the coveted 18-45 white demographic) and this has influenced some misguided PoC to join in and not see the larger narrative.

Jason Johnson as a black man with lived experiences understands the con game going on, with the party being stolen right out from under the feets of blacks/browns/women etc - to the benefit of 'FDR whites'.

Tech-bros like Zuckerberg control the internet, which is a sewer

that allows the far left-bros, alt-right bros, hackers/bots etc to grow unchecked.

IOW, the culture is set by entitled white dudes, which the media promotes as 'hip', and some others now (some younger poc, women etc) get drawn in, thinking it's where 'the revolution' is at.

Alot of these bros/wannabe-bros are the biggest cowards IRL - who want to feel tough by attacking women, poc, gays etc - who they resent for success - really what drives their anger.

Basically, if one has the patience, the best thing is to refute their entire fairy-tale populist entitlement mentality. They think (deep down) that they're entitled to be rich and favored in the global economy just because they're white and American - as if that's the biggest form of oppression in the world.

I've never believed that stat, imo flawed exit polling

that doesn't jibe with reality. HRC's and Obama's bases had no real ideological or cultural differences - whereas HRC and Bernie are night and day.

The larger issue in nomination contests is how much the losing camp(s) help the nominee to get out the vote.

HRC (and Bill) were very strong behind Obama once they got through with that long campaign.

Sanders was mathematically eliminated by early March, yet stuck around and his campaign allowed many of his young supporters to think the DNC/HRC was 'stealing' it from him. It bred alot of bad will, conspiracy theories, etc that persist to this day.

Jeff Weaver and Nina Turner in particular are terrible, foment an attack culture that may 'work' amongst the online left - but a culture that is highly repulsive to the 75% of Dems who are not part of Sanders base.

Joy Reid talked about this more today, how even journalists have to 'walk on eggshells' around any critique, no matter how mild, of Sanders for fear of getting pummelled by Berners - many of whom do have a militant and entitled attitude that is far out of proportion (many of them are white and middle class) to what their true status in America is.

Exactly. Right wingers reject civil rights and the idea

of non-whites having citizenship, voting, etc. To them PoC will always be external to America, not 'true citizens' like the white man. Obama being elected president was the ultimate insult to their ego.

They know Trump stole the election and was plotting to steal the next, but they don't care, see it as 'reclaiming the real (white) democracy of our founders.' ... basically white nationalism that has long been at the core of the GOP even before Trump.

Disease of both-siderism

and the myth that democracy and justice are the same thing. History shows us that injustice (slavery, Jim Crow, oppression of women/gays/etc) often received popular support.

Just because about half the country voted for Trump doesn't mean he's legitimate or virtuous, especially considering the findings of the Mueller Report and the impeachment hearings.

The media's job should be to tell the truth and highlight injustice - not pretend that both sides are morally equal.
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