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SoS Jocelyn Benson is Boss.

She wasn't having their shit. There were minor clerical errors in Detroit (which is heavily black), less than in neighboring Levonia (which is mostly white) that these clowns are not calling for an audit of. Basically, these are Jim Crow tactics and AG Nessel and SoS Benson said as much, and that Michigan will be certified for Biden and there is nothing the GOP can do to stop it. They are scrutinizing black and brown areas and attempting to portray such voting blocs as inherently criminalistic and prone to fraud - when no such fraud exists.

Their internal polling was better but not much better

than public polling, from what I saw posted here.

Most polling - both internal and public, both Repub and Dem - was wrong again, in some states very off.

Nate Cohn recently posted a good article about why the polling industry got it wrong again. In 2016 the issue was the composition of the electorate, where working class white turnout was underestimated. This time it had more to do with preference. Biden was thought to be doing better with working class whites and seniors but in actuality it was no better than what Hillary did with these groups. Our outreach to Latinos was terrible and we underestimated Trump's message and appeal with several Latino subgroups. The outreach to blacks wasn't that great either as the turnout was basically the same as '16. Young voters and new voters turned out better, and the suburbs came through for us. Thank the Lincoln Project for this, as their messaging was sharp. But alot of those swing voters then voted downballot for Repubs, why it's not a sustainable strategy to rely on such voters. We have to message better to our base voters and turn them out.

We lost FL for the same reasons we always do,

poor outreach and messaging in the state. DU'ers who live in FL even said this, that they saw all types of GOP GOTV and anti-Dem propaganda but nothing much from our side to counter it.

The Cubans shifted more strongly over to Trump due to his harsh sanctions against Cuba more than anything else. They are also very right wing and many are sympathetic to his racism/nativism against darker skinned people, as well as his strongman persona.

We were doing poorly in many downballot races during the Obama era way before AOC came onto the scene. Obama was called a socialist, any left leaning politician (whether center-left or left) will be called socialist. That's why AOC is the solution to this, as she is a star and appealing to many young people and others, and is not afraid to fight back. We can't be afraid of our own shadows. We need to push the overton window and properly explain to people that all first world nations are a hybrid of socialism and capitalism. Otherwise we will continue to be boxed in and unable to get anything done, lest it be called 'socalist'.

Educated white women do lean Dem

and do help us with the oh-so crucial suburbs, which are the swing vote in America. That 'Cindy McCain' type of vote did in fact come through for us all over the country. Many of them are more liberal than people realize and will support many progressive policies, although it has to be messaged to them properly. Ezra Klein did a good podcast on this awhile back, was very interesting.

But white women overall (especially the working class ones) tend to be almost as right wing and misogynist as white men. Even the younger/middle age white women who are not as religious tend to be. As a gen-x man of color who grew up with many of them I know how they think, and it's far more complex than the typical explanations. Some of them are feminists who shifted to Trump on the basis of viewing men of color (especially blacks and muslims) as 'rapists' and criminals who are out to hurt them. They see Trump as their protector and overlook his own infractions with women because he is a white man. Sad but true.

Overall, as Dems we need self reflection, if we are too improve.

Trumpism works not just because he's a master conman - but due to the issues he ran on - namely immigration, terrorism and trade - that resonates with even some groups that historically voted Dem. We need to show voters we do in fact believe strongly in border security and controls on immigration while doing it in a humane way, that we're tough on terrorism (Islamic, white nationalist and otherwise) and that we can be tough on China and fight for American jobs and force them to adhere to environmental and labor standards. If we do those things I think we can easily get back some of those Latinos, women and others we lost to Trump and build a broad coalition to do progressive things on core issues like healthcare, economics, climate and police reform.

We got this - Scotus won't save him.

The same day vote and rurals heavily favored Trump which was reported first (the 'red mirage') but the early vote and urban vote heavily favors Biden (the 'blue shift').

PA also has a Dem Gov/AG/SoS who made it clear that they were well prepared for Trump/GOP's fake arguments.

The blue wall has held and Biden will be the 46th President.

Those who object to TLP don't 'get' what they're about. They're reformers

who agree with us on a foundational level (democracy, voting, the rule of law, etc) while disagreeing on policy issues.

Throughout history people who have had ideological or policy differences - when faced with the threat of fascism or authoritarianism - have put their differences aside to fight for the greater good - and that's what TLP is about. They stated they would've even supported Sanders if he was our nominee, who has wide policy differences with TLP but who believes in democracy and the rule of law as they do, and they will continue to support Dems until Trumpism and the GOP who enabled him is destroyed.

These RW Latinos really are self-hating wannabes.

Trump is a white nationalist and would deport Mr. Cisneros in a second if he could. Most white MAGAts probably secretly laugh at how stupid these Trumper PoC are - useful idiots.

The cops are right-wing thugs, which is why

conservatives are so enabling and supportive of them.

This thug cop should be in jail for attempted murder.

Change will only come when the police unions are broken, otherwise this stuff will continue.

He talks big. If FL, AZ, OH or NC fall

into Biden's column on election night it's all over for the obese Orange clown. The media narrative will be 'the Biden blowout is materializing'... etc etc. Trump is a coward and will crawl away meekly.

Agree, reminds me of the Hillary 'coal' moment.

Biden had a strong debate, but his 'oil' moment was one that could easily be spun the wrong way.

The fracking issue Biden explained properly and won't hurt him.

But the oil thing came across wrong because Trump was interrupting and wouldn't let Biden finish.

Biden must explain that there will be a gradual transition to clean energy and the workers in those industries will also be transitioned, and it will be beneficial economicially overall.
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