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Member since: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 06:39 PM
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Too soon to start talking about shutting Facebook down?

Facebook now admits that the Russians used them to manipulate public opinion for the election. Maybe in the spirit of patriotism, they should voluntarily shut down until they get their technology under control.

I am feeling a little better about our chances

I am much less frightened than I was a week ago. Please hear me out.
This does not mean that my opinion of the current resident of the WH has improved. He is as flighty, deranged and narcissistic as I supposed, if not more so. So what has changed?
I now see that he is choosing to listen to the most short sighted, destructive and incompetent voice in his tiny little world. I refer specifically to Steve Bannon, who has become the head bomb-thrower-in-charge.
The proclamations he has issued so far show that Bannon is no Karl Rove, deep thinking, patient, playing the long game. Bannon and Trump (Bump?) are spoiled children who like to see things go BOOM, and donít care who gets hurt, because they have no real friends, no love or regard for anything except themselve. They derive equal pleasure in seeing Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals crash and burn, as long as there are headlines, protests and destruction and lots of attention.
It will be their impatience and incompetence that will make them take that one step too far. Toadies like Ryan, McConnell, Priebus and Rubio all have plans for more than just 4 or even 8 years that do not include rising phoenix like from the ashes of a destroyed civilization. They will at some point feel the need to protect their phony baloney jobs. For us, we have come to , as they say, the nut-cutting. We will, I feel, shed the failed leadership of the past and coalesce into a true resistance.

There will be blood. There will be pain. The cities may well burn. It will take time to recover, but the core of our great country will not be destroyed by this gang of fools and losers.

For those who refer to the "Working Class" as though it were an alien form of life,

what do you do for a living?
Unless your money comes from income from investments, or a trust fund, or some kind of weird tax haven in the Bahamas, YOU are working class. If it does, and you think of working people as the "other", you may be a........ well, you get my point.
I am a mechanic, and have been for almost 40 years. I am working class. If you are a taxi driver, or an accountant, or if you have your own business, or make your money through any kind of physical or intellectual effort, YOU are working class.
I hate to sound like a dick here, but we have to stop putting artificial barriers between ourselves, they are the hardest to break down.

We must identify the common concerns that we all have as Democrats: clean air, good schools, safe highways; acknowledge them and then campaign on them. Democrats have always been the party of kitchen table issues, and we need to get back to those basics.

If a person says something smart, we say they are smart

If a person says something clever, we say they are clever

If someone speaks truth to power we say they are brave

Why then, when someone says something racist do people refuse to say "they are a racist"?

We can only learn about what is inside a person by what comes out of them.

I swore an oath - did you?

I swore an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Did you? If so, that duty did not end with your enlistment.

Organize a cell!
Flip your district!

Truck Fump!

Dear News Editors: As long as Americans are dying in combat, tweets are NOT NEWS!!!

As long as Children go to school hungry, a line of sword swallowers paying fealty to a sociopath IS NOT NEWS!!

As long as miners are dying underground because of unsafe conditions, endless speculation IS NOT NEWS!!!

AS long as our Seniors have to choose between medicine and food, the latest lie from a proven liar IS NOT NEWS!!!

AND as long as the Russians have declared electronic war against the west, POKEMON GO IS NOT NEWS!!!


Someone Please ask him: Are you lying now?

Or were you lying then?

Oh yeah! We Can't! Cause he's too gutless to face the free press!!!
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