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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,115

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So really they're just trying to hide in plain sight

It's what Dump has always done. Commit your filthy crimes right in front of everyone, lie about them, stick out your orange chin and dare anyone to accuse you.

Ain't working this time, Bloatus! You're going down!

Some Whitewater asshole on Jake Tapper

Carrying Dump water. Robert Ray, Shut The Fuck up.

I'm with Pete!

What a great speech! To hell with those naysayers saying he's too young and inexperienced.

What about Bloatus? He's old and stupid -- and evil.

Chandelle Summer on MSNBC

Some "conservative talk show host." Calling Mayor Pete "aberrant," saying he's too different for the American people to accept.

Go spread your filth elsewhere, creep.

Any sign from the White House of regret?

Asks Ana Cabrera of a guest.

Are you fucking kidding me?

What stinks here?

Oh yeahhhh... Dump is in San Antonio. Fuck off, Bloatus!

Be as indignant the as you want, Ana Navarro

You still have that demon R by your name.

Dump wants to abolish all law

Also a lying piece of shit. To jail you go, Bloatus.

Wow! The Pukes are doubling down on everything

So much obstruction! So much lying! So much criminality!

Dems really do need to start having them hauled off...

Dumpster's memoir

Will it be called "How I Conned the Entire World"? Worthless orange piece of shit.

Even on MSNBC, they're saying "You want to read it, don't you?"

Fuck no. There's only one thing about Dumpie that I want to read. And you can guess what it is.
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