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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,535

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God, Dump is such a miserable POS

They keep playing his clips on MSNBC cursing the impeachment and Democrats and he sounds either drugged-out or insane. Meanwhile, they interview MAGATs who swear fealty no matter what, trying to get them to admit they were wrong. Waste of time, folks! Remember how many people Jim Jones convinced to commit suicide?

And Kendis Gibson said Dump's tweet about his latest rat jumping the ship was "cordial." There's nothing cordial about this bloated, festering wound on our country.

"I don't know them"

This song and dance is getting pretty old, isn't it, Dumpie?

This country has a lot to atone for

And I don't mean the immigrants that Dump despises. I mean the ugly, ignorant white assholes who hate everything except that bloated orange monster.

While I maintain the hope that we can bring the ancient piece of shit down, the ones who gave him his glory have a lot to answer for (besides the Russkies and Facebook, of course). What is this shit?

Why did it take so long?

To see what a worthless, stupid piece of shit Bloatus is? What the fuck is wrong with people? All the self-identifying Republicans are supporting a crime family. Period.

Dems need to stop this asshole now before the violence begins.

Some "Republican spokeswoman" on CNN

Said Biden "brang" his son to Ukraine.

Boy, they're real geniuses, aren't they?

Stick corruption up your orange ass

Yeah, I mean it. Come get me, you fucking asshole. Ancient bloated piece of shit.

What's the Turtle's real end game?

I'm not buying this immoral asshole's sudden "rule of law" shit about Dump's impeachment. He's a Puke. Nothing more to be said.

Stop calling this bloated piece of shit "President"

He is a conjob, a fake and a phony piece of offal. He is not "president."

Even on CNN, music to my ears

All corruption, all the time. Impeachment day can't come soon enough.
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