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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 257

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Will the GOP Congress call for investigating ICE for endorsing Trump?

This is the WHOPPER that few seem to be calling out. ICE is a government agency. It can't endorse a political candidate.

Wow! HP not missing a beat.


The headlines are killing Trump. I can hardly wait for his tweets.

I had to turn on Morning Joe although I seldom watch them.

It's a beautiful thing this morning.

I have to leave now that Kellyanne is coming on. But they are straining to give Trump some post debate kudos. I just don't think they can help him much.

Huffington Post says it all.

One thing is obvious about Trump: He is obsessed about weight.

A four-hundred pound person sitting on a bed hacking????? What kind of dreams does he have?

Does he allow Melania to even eat?

Kellyann just said that Hillary ran down to the well of the Congress and happily voted for

the Iraq war. That is a lie. Hillary has said that was the most difficult vote she ever made. Her statement before voting explains what a strained decision that was. The entire Trump campaign is filled with liars.

Have we seen the last debate for this election season?

Fact check: Murder rate down in NY and Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional.

Two for two lies for Trump.

Wow!! "Low Stamina" is holding an after debate rally at a debate watch party!

She looks great and sound well satisfied with her performance.

I couldn't not watch. Netflix on pause.

The media will slay Hillary I feel. The spin is going to be nauseating.

You and I know Hillary won this. But the stupid voters are saying Trump is winning.

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