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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
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Watched a discussion about the VA Congressional elections...Barbara Comstock.

What struck me from watching this discussion is this:

The GOP is just simply more strategic in their political candidate by recognizing the political expedience of their situations. They seem to be more forgiving of flip-flops if it gives them the edge in a race and they vote accordingly. There seem to be fewer protest votes and requirements for issue "purity" if they believe and understand that a win will be dependent upon their candidate changing a view or two on a issue. It' ok for their candidate to "move to the middle" if it means a win. They know or believe that once in office, their candidate will support and vote the way they want them to.
Barbara Comstock is a perfect example of this. They will embrace a scoundrel because they somehow know voters love a scoundrel. Our saving grace has been that most of them don't care enough to vote.
This time might be different.

On the other hand, Democrats seem to be less forgiving of an expedient move to the center even if it means success eventually. Obama was pilloried for the ACA...it wasn't pure enough. He bailed out banks and Wall Street...shame on him.

And now we are faced with a possible Trump Presidency if the younger Democratic voter refuses to hold their noses and go vote for Hillary instead of Johnson or Stein. Quite a few older Democrats still cling to their sexist notions about women in position of power.

I might be wrong about this but that's the impression I get looking a Donald Trump who was pro-choice before he was against it, he wanted to go after Gaddafi before he thought it was a bad idea, he thought Hillary was a great Senator and well qualified for the Presidency before he didn't. Only one thing is consistent about him is he racism and his base knows that. They know that visiting black churches and saying that he will fix things for inner cities doesn't mean anything...they know he doesn't mean it and they are willing to forgive him for saying and doing all these things for the expediency of the moment, for the possible win.

My suggestion for this and every other debate is to be sure to link ALL GOP with the problems facing

the country and this administration. There must be a way to use the debates not just against the GOP nominee but against the entire party.

Was the "no bathroom break" specifically designed agains HRC?

Remember there were bathroom breaks in other debates.
This debate is stacked against her in so many ways but that will just reveal her abilities all the more.

Right now, America is seeing itself for what it really is...and it ain't pretty. I only hope the good out weighs the evil.

Just saw on CNN where Hillary is too DEFENSIVE. What does that mean? She is not supposed to

defend herself from lies and innuendo?

I just don't get it. After all these years of attacks with lies and unfounded allegations we should not expect that Hillary will defend herself? The double and now triple standard of the media and most GOP voters is sickening.

Trump doesn't defend himself because he doesn't have to. People know he is lying and they don't care and he knows it.
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