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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 257

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Yes, it really is time for Bill Clinton to leave the campaign trail.

I think he has given Clinton daylight to open up about the changes she would make to the ACA and head toward to single-payer. Obama can come along and clean Bills statement up if he wants to but he may not want to. I think he almost has to.

Why do Hillary supporters allow the RW to keep bringing up the "Super Predator"

meme without challenging that she was actually quoting someone else. "..some have called them super predators." And they continue to not challenge the GOP when they say "Hillary passed the crime bill."

How many here think Trump is pissed he didn't pick Christie?

Democrats need to keep saying this as often as they can to unhinge Trump again

"Pence has given up on 2016 and set himself up for 2020."

The takeaway...Pence outright lied at least 8 times and it is documented on film.

Wait for the ads:

Pence says he didn't say that, clip of Donald saying it

Even Pence lied about what he had said himself.

There are about 8 lies that are documented: six from Trump and 2 from Pence himself.

FLOTUS went there. And it was awesome!

"...roaming around at three in the morning tweeting...?

Chinese STEEL!!! Job losses here because of it. That's what Kaine needs to slip in.

This is the language of the working white men in PA, OH, WI, IN

Donald has scammed them good.

Kaine should make the max out of Trump's abandoning US steel workers for China to increase

obscene profits. He would have made enough using US steel. But NOOOOOOOoooo!

The argument that Democrats failed the inner cities that Sharpton is making needs to b

used by Hillary really hard. People need to know that State houses (governors) pull the purse strings for cities and towns in their states. Take Kansas for example. The failures have been that when blacks are elected to mayoral posts and Counsel posts the money is usually cut by those above (Ferguson example). Minority voters MUST turn their attention to state and local elections in addition to Presidential elections if they want to see real change that benefits them.
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