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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 257

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Let's all get up at 3 am and tweet to Trump "I'm With Her!"

Any GOP candidate still supporting Trump must be linked hard to him by the Democrats

and they must be voted out of office.

I'll just leave this here:

We are witnessing the lights going out in that shiny city on a hill. It ended with the Reagan administration and Jimmy Carter was correct when he said that Reagan allowed people to feel comfortable with their prejudices. And it grew rapidly from "Welfare Queens" to "moochers" to law and order.

Here we are now, reliving the past and praying that we will be able to make a comfortable life for our children and grandchildren but knowing that it just going to be much more difficult after the fools allowed Donald Trump to be a candidate and then the GOP nominee. Win or lose, he as screwed us up for the next two generations.

If Trump goes after Bill Clinton over Monica he is digging his hole deeper.

It would be a terrible mistake in my opinion. He will only hurt Monica more and yield more sympathy for Hillary. There are tons of print material in which Monica's friend are quoted as is Monica herself in her book.

This is just one and Hillary had nothing to do with it:


“If that’s the worst thing she said, I should be so lucky,” Lewinsky wrote.
Lewinsky — who once boasted to a pal that she was bringing her “presidential kneepads” to the White House — wrote that her Oval Office affair with the Horndog in Chief was consensual.

Not many women I know would have taken any affair without lashing out against both her husband and the woman involved.

My meme for Hillary now: "de-bait and hook."

Donald doesn't know what hit him. And in the future debates it will only get worse.

At this point, after all we have learned about Trump over the past two weeks alone,

we should no NO respect for any lawmaker, friend, family member, or foe who, at this point still supports and/or fails to speak out against this maniacal, egotistical, ego centric, lying, racist, hateful scum bag.

Don't even come to Thanksgiving Dinner, family or friends if you fit into this category.

That is all.

any one else think Trump may throw in the towel and turn it over to Pence?

He stands to lose what little fortune he has and he will not be able to peddle is name after this. That is the only thing he had to trade on.

Observation: Had the Clintons or their Foundation done actual business with Cuba during

the same time period, the GOP and Trump people would be all over this and would have talking points out to all surrogates before Morning Joe came on today. It would be the worst thing in the political world and they would be calling to LOCK HER UP and pointing out that she is a criminal and committed treason...with no respect for LAW AND ORDER.

I can hardly find any comments anywhere about this even on the radio. This is how the media fails the nation.

Yes, I know about the tragic train accident in Hoboken, and I feel sad about that. It is being covered as it should be. But BEFORE that happened the news was virtually blank on the Trump/Cuban issue.

Or, did it miss it?

Really, can you imagine any other President stepping into the lion's den and speaking to the lions

the way the President is doing in this Town Hall meeting?

It had to be tough decision to go where he knows most don't like or respect him and to speak with such knowledge and deference and empathy and eloquence.

I am going to miss this President.

Who else is waiting for Mr. Trump to attack FLOTUS??

She really nailed him today. It would be touching the "third rail" to attack her and his folks know it.

When you think about it, there is so much bait out there for Trump to take he doesn't know which way to turn. He and his campaign seem to be swallowing all the bait at once.
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