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Ka-Dinh Oy

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 08:36 PM
Number of posts: 11,668

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MSG:Your Fed_CHOICE card
has been blocked. Call now
to +1-877-201-6879 and
resolve the issu

This is exactly what text I just got. I called the # on my land line instead of my cell and pretty much got what I thought I would. I was told my card was blocked and they asked for my card # or to hit * and all that did was ask me for my card # again. No operator or customer service personal to talk to. I was just curious what would happen if I called and just what I thought happened. I wanted to let you all know what # to look out for.

Anyone have the # for me to report this to?

I know that we as humans in this country feel like we are living in a hell that

just seems to be getting get worse. I however, want to remind people that the animals of this country domestic or wild are going to suffer just as much if not in some ways worse. I am NOT trying make what we are going through or about to go through less just that we need to think about the animals also. At least we know/understand ( to a point ) what and why this is happening the animal will just know their worlds bottom has just fallen out from under them.

I have been thinking about all involved with this threat between trump and NK.

The U.S.A is not the only country that is in mortal danger of being destroyed. Mexico and Canada is also in immediate danger. If we are bombed next to a border they are screwed also. I hate to say this but it is in Mexico's and Canada's interest to try to work with this situation. I did say TRY.

OMG! She is in looovvve.

That lady behind trump on the left is so happy about trump. She be proud to be there. There is a true trumpian for you.

I have an odd question.

If this administration succeeded in taking health care in all fashions away, Social Security away, minimum wage away, housing away, any type of assistance away, and education away and resulted in millions of deaths of poor people related in one way or another to those things wouldn't that be considered a form of genocide?

Happy 4th of July everyone.

However, when you go to use your fireworks please consider our veterans who may have PTSD because of being on the battle field and were exposed to gunfire and bombing. Thank you.

He started to say Donald Trump and quickly corrected himself saying

he needed to talk to lawyers. Any of you catch that?

Just realized why The Little Sisters that support trump

gave me an eerie feeling. In Stephen King's Dark Tower series there are these characters called The Little Sisters of Eluria. They posed as these nun like sisters but were sisters of death. They made you feel like they cared but worked at keeping you in their "hospital" and totally lose yourself until you died.

Pussy hat problem.

OK, I found a lady in my small red town that makes pussy hats and she made me one. She makes them for free but I gave her $20 for it to help with buying material for making them. Now, this is a Crocheted/knitted ( I do not know the difference ) but it is warm which is nice in cold weather. Summer is coming in and it is getting warmer. I have thick hair that keeps me warm on its own. If I wear that hat in warm weather I would give myself heat stroke. I have looked on line to find a pussy hat that is very light weight and has ventilation. I do not like baseball caps so those are out. Having that bill sticking out above my eyes bothers me. I was wondering about trying to find a vented skull cap with ventilation and is very light weight with pussy ears. I have just spent probably more than an hour online looking and no luck. I do not know how to sew and do not want to learn. So, does anybody have any suggestions?

I am wondering if anyone can answer this with some actual knowledge.

I am on SSDI and am in subsidized housing. If I got arrested for being at a protest could I lose all of that? I am just wondering if the government has me over a barrel to be part of protests.
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