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Ka-Dinh Oy

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 11,638

Journal Archives

So, the dripping piece of orange shit has not only

encouraged his base to hurt and kill others. He has now encouraged his base to kill themselves for him.

They would kill themselves just to spite the rest of the country so they can claim while they are dying that their peace of shit was right.


It was not very busy but they made us file in through in a line. They were handing out toilet paper to the ones who wanted it and only one per customer. There were only ten Charmin bags left so my friend and I were lucky.

They had paper towels in the back. I have never seen that many paper towels in my life.

Costco has done well at trying to keep things stocked, organized, and clean. They are also working at preventing hoarders. They have a list of things that you can not bring back to keep people from buying then bringing it back when they can not sell it for outrageous prices.

The employees were very upbeat and friendly.

Is it just me?

I swear that the tap water in the area that I live in has a stronger odor of chlorine. Are they putting in a higher amount of chlorine to make the water safer because of COVID-19 or is it just my imagination?

I got a shingles shot yesterday.

It did not hurt at all. Well, as the day got later I started to get sore then the pain started going down my arm. I hurt so much I hardly slept and when I got up the pain had traveled down to my wrist. My neck and upper back hurts also. I am exhausted and can not think clearly and my stomach has been nauseous on and off all day. I do not have a rash.

Has anybody here had that reaction to a shingles shot?

I found out last night that my friend who works

in Olympia is only a block down from a lady who has CAVID-19. Neither of us are freaking out but that is the closest to me so far.

I saw my complex manager today and this was the last day where people can just walk in. We have to make appointments and have them behind closed doors. She will be doing as much work as possible from home. This is for a month or until further notice.

I do remember the Ebola crisis.

I also do not remember it.

I remember because it was bad but I do not remember it because it was dealt with properly and immediately.

I will remember COVID-19 very well because it is not being dealt with anywhere close to properly and will probably take more lives than Ebola.

I realize that these things never completely disappear but they are brought down significantly to no longer being a pandemic.

Stay safe my friends and hope for someone in the government to get their head out of their ass.

I found hand sanitizer.

I found a lot of...I mean a LOT of pocket sanitizers. I am not trying to do a commercial but Bath and Body works has them. They were out of the big ones but I was happy to find the little ones. If I am home or at a friens place I just use soap and water but elsewhere I use the pocket ones. I try to use public restrooms as little as possible.
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