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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 01:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

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White House hopes meeting with Mueller's office will bring a swift end to the Russia probe

I sure hope the swift end is a list of impeachable offenses that can end this nightmare very quickly.


GOP poised to repeal ObamaCare mandate


I wonder how many actually realize the tax scam actually guts obamacare. What will the public do when they see there medical premiums go through the roof?

tRump worried for fox news in Disney deal.


See cnn story for more details: http://money.cnn.com/2017/12/14/media/donald-trump-rupert-murdoch-disney-21st-century-fox/index.html

Are we setting ourselves up for failure (Tax plan)?

I read story headlines that say the rePUke tax plan raises taxes for most of the people. Much of the talk here echos the same sentiments. But from all my research the tax plan is certainly going to decrease my taxes to the tune of a couple grand a year. I think most people are going to see their paychecks tick up too. What will people think when paychecks go up? Two words: fake news!

Instead shouldn't we concentrate on the negatives of the bill that will happen: national deficit, healthcare/ACA being gutted, medicare/medicaid cuts, personal tRump gains, etc. etc. etc. (add 100 other things).

It just seems like most of the focus is on something that isn't going to come true when we could be calling out all the things that will come true.

I don'tt know do you agree or not?

Chuck Schumer Calls For Tax Vote To Be Delayed Until Doug Jones Is Seated


Any chance this could happen and we can defeat the tax bill?

Why did senators who asked Franken to resign hug him afterwards?


Seems fishy to me. You think he is unfit to serve and yet give him a hug goodbye? Also why would you hug a man you are asking to leave because of groping? Weren't they afraid of being groped themself? Somerring is fishy here.

Democratic leader moral superiority

We were told Al had to go because we are the morally superior party - we are the party that stands up for the innocent and down trodden. But what kind of morality is it to throw an innocent individual under the bus? In this country we structure the justice system so there is a very high bar to be met to declare someone guilty. Even 1 out of 12 keeps someone from being declared guilty. This is because we have decided as a society it is better for a guilty person to go free than for an innocent person to be convicted. So morally superior? No, sadly not this time.

Whats done is done....

So let's put this sad chapter behind us and move on. We didn't lose a seat and we have good leadership that needs our support. We need to elect more (D) and take our country back. I understand the feelings but we must be smart about this and not fall apart in the most dire times. Take a few days and vent but then come back and support our leaders and get behind the cause.

Pelosi votes no to impeach tRump.

Why!?! If we can't agree on this we are doomed!


'I'm The Only One That Matters,' Trump Says

'I'm The Only One That Matters,' Trump Says Of State Dept. Job Vacancies

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