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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 12:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,481

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Democratic leader moral superiority

We were told Al had to go because we are the morally superior party - we are the party that stands up for the innocent and down trodden. But what kind of morality is it to throw an innocent individual under the bus? In this country we structure the justice system so there is a very high bar to be met to declare someone guilty. Even 1 out of 12 keeps someone from being declared guilty. This is because we have decided as a society it is better for a guilty person to go free than for an innocent person to be convicted. So morally superior? No, sadly not this time.

Whats done is done....

So let's put this sad chapter behind us and move on. We didn't lose a seat and we have good leadership that needs our support. We need to elect more (D) and take our country back. I understand the feelings but we must be smart about this and not fall apart in the most dire times. Take a few days and vent but then come back and support our leaders and get behind the cause.

Pelosi votes no to impeach tRump.

Why!?! If we can't agree on this we are doomed!


'I'm The Only One That Matters,' Trump Says

'I'm The Only One That Matters,' Trump Says Of State Dept. Job Vacancies


Paul Ryan Struggles To Explain Why Trump Shouldnt Have To Resign

Paul Ryan Struggles To Explain Why Trump Shouldn’t Have To Resign Over Sexual Misconduct Claims


I stand with the senators calling for Franken resignation.

This should not be a partisan issue everyone should join. Here is the current list calling for resignation:

Dick Durbin on Illinois
Patty Murray of Washington
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Mazie Hirono of Hawaii
Claire McCaskill of Missouri
Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire
Kamala Harris of California
Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Bob Casey of Pennsylvania
Joe Donnelly of Indiana
Sherrod Brown of Ohio
Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
Ed Markey of Massachusetts
Michael Bennet of Colorado
Patrick Leahy of Vermont
Maria Cantwell of Washington
Dianne Feinstein of California

It is general knowledge that the tax bill also destroys...

the Affordable Care Act? tRump and his ilk failed to out right repeal the ACA but are doing the same thing by stealth in this tax bill. I think if the general public knew this they would be much more active in defeating it. We need to spread the word about this if we are to defeat the tax bill - which by the way really helps tRumps personal finances.

Supreme Court allows President Trump's travel ban to go fully into effect


Elections have consequences.

Donate your tax savings from this bill to the DNC!

Let's turn this bill against the repukes. Any additional savings you get from this monstrosity let's donate to help take back congress and the presidency. There will be so much money to help our guys win all thanks to the repukes. Who is with me?!?

Keurig CEO Backs Down in Response to Sean Hannity Boycott

It's sad to see bullying work - not surprising in a tRump era. I wish keurig would have held strong.

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