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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 01:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

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...meanwhile tRump nominates federal judges.

While everyone is distracted tRump is reshaping the federal judges wherever he can. While everyone is concentrated on Russiagate tRump is quietly and methodically changing this country bit by bit every day. We need to stop this!

Chris Matthews: collusion "fell apart"

I'm done with MSNBC! The dribble that comes out of that rag is worthless I'm done with them all (except for maybe Rachel).

Its getting real - repubs close in on 2/3 control of state legislatures.

I have been away since election day - tough days. I'm not surprised by any of the stuff I'm seeing and I expect it to continue. But I was thinking about how bad it has gotten lately. Deplorables control almost everything in this country now. It looks like the SCOTUS is going down this week. They have both house's of congress and the POTUS. To make matters worse they control 32 state legislatures and most governorship's. The state control is what scares me the most. Constitutional changes can be made with 2/3 of states and if my math is correct that would mean 34 states. We need to start turning this around or who knows what the deplorables will do to the constitution and our country! They are on the verge of having the power to do literally anything they want. I'm scared. What are our safeguards to prevent this doomsday scenario?

Trump supporters see a kindred spirit in Patriots come-from-behind victory


Guys this is just a terrible day! I'm reliving Nov 8 all over again

Is the enemy of our enemy our friend?

I see a lot of people rallying around CNN, but honestly CNN played a big part in electing tRump. As documented here we know the part most news organizations played. So while CNN is the enemy of tRump I'm still not convinced they are our friends.

Here is why Bernie would have won.

Sexism. It has been stated how badly sexism hurt Hillary this election cycle - and I believe that to be true. Bernie would not have had to contend with that issue which would have swayed enough voters to hold the blue wall and rust belt states. The electoral college was narrowly won in a few states by a small number of votes. Sexism certainly contributed more than the margin of victory for tRump!

I continue to believe tRump will not be the next president...

what are the remaining ways to keep him from taking office? What do you think the events to prevent him from taking office will look like?

A call to action!

Guys tRump is going to be certified in a few days! And all the discussions around here is about why we lost or what are we going to do in 2018/2020. How about we concentrate on the travesty of justice that will happen in a few days unless we act?!!? We need to make sure the electors do not certify tRump! At this point it has to be anybody but Trump!!! Obama needs to get involved to stop this! You (and me!) need to get involved to stop this. Call your congressman! Call on the media! Call on the President! Now is the time to act!

So its looking like the recounts are rigged...

Drump is actually gaining votes?!? That sounds totally believable! I think our only hope is to get the Russian hacking information to the electoral college voters within the next week. Obama needs to declare an executive action to make sure every electoral college voter receives all classified information on Russian hacking.
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