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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 01:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

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Was blaming Russia for everything a bad move?

Romney is the one who said they were our#1 enemy and Obama downplayed that idea saying the 80s are calling and they want there foreign policy back. Romney lost.

Now we seem to be blaming Russia for everything. I'm not sure this is a good strategy. Have things really changed this drastically in 4 yrs? Why the flip flop?

I say let's stop blaming everyone else for our problems and start finding solutions that meet the needs of our voters!

538: The Cubs Have A Smaller Chance Of Winning Than Trump Does

Question: why do people point to 538 so much? His track record is not that great! He gave trump just 5% in the primaries. He gave the Cubs 15% chance of winning (see article below). Now I think he is wrong about this election (again)! - I say Clinton wins with 350+ electoral votes and has over 95% chance of winning!!! Honestly Nate Silver doesn't seem to have a clue anymore - do you see these wild swings in his predictions? What good is it?


Nate Silver moved Florida (and North Carolina) to Trump...

in the now cast and polls plus. Polls only remains blue. Remember folks the only poll that matters is the election day poll. Also Why does 538 polls change so fast?

Update: Polls only has also now turned red.
Update2: Polls only has now turned bad to blue! Why is it changing so much?
Update3: NC goes red in polls-plus forecast.
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