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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 01:31 PM
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Its getting real - repubs close in on 2/3 control of state legislatures.

I have been away since election day - tough days. I'm not surprised by any of the stuff I'm seeing and I expect it to continue. But I was thinking about how bad it has gotten lately. Deplorables control almost everything in this country now. It looks like the SCOTUS is going down this week. They have both house's of congress and the POTUS. To make matters worse they control 32 state legislatures and most governorship's. The state control is what scares me the most. Constitutional changes can be made with 2/3 of states and if my math is correct that would mean 34 states. We need to start turning this around or who knows what the deplorables will do to the constitution and our country! They are on the verge of having the power to do literally anything they want. I'm scared. What are our safeguards to prevent this doomsday scenario?
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