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Member since: Mon Oct 3, 2016, 08:42 PM
Number of posts: 874

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Trump is singing the praises of the polls today.....is there anyone....

calling him out on this??? So far I see nothing. So yesterday the election, voting and the POLLS ARE RIGGED and today he's friggin quoting the ones putting him ahead.


Hillary is winning the Breitbart Poll LOL !!!

I saw someone complain on Twitter so I clicked the link and lo and behold she is at 59.35 and he has 40.65....I'm shocked.

Trashpot and Ailes no longer BFF's???

I was reading another story and came across this one...


Hillary's FaceBook page is filled with trolls...hardly any supporters...WHY???

Why is that??? I don't like that....I'm then compelled to answer these fools...try to add a little balance to her page.

I'm just so disgusted and ANGRY that anyone can think he is worthy of praise.....I've stayed off FB for the last couple of months because I just get enraged...I cannot help getting enraged.

Drinking "word" should be the sniff breathing....I'm getting wasted !!!!

Van Jones: It's not about the dirty words it's about the sexual assault...

and this is the guy who is the law and order candidate...let's elect a super predator to the white house..meanwhile, rabid Trumpholes are chanting USA in the background.

How can I block someone from seeing my posts

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