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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Colorado
Member since: Wed Oct 5, 2016, 09:14 AM
Number of posts: 2,329

About Me

I'm really don't consider myself a newbie. I've been browsing on and off for years. I actually had another screen name long ago, but couldn't remember my password and no longer had the associated email address. I'm not much of a poster, so don't expect my post count to quickly increase. I am full on board for Hillary Clinton. My loathing for Donald Trump, the whole Trump family, and many (if not most) Republican politicians is immeasurable. To my great distress, my lifelong Democrat, retired union husband is a Trump supporter. I need to be among my peers, which is why I'm back at DU.

Journal Archives

Manafort? Manslaughter?

Did I imagine seeing that in the crawler when -45 was spewing?

Audio of the sobbing children should be blasted everywhere -45 goes

Make. Him. Listen.

The Gift on Netflix

If you like a psychological thriller, check it out. I like Jason Bateman, and this has him in an entirely different type of role.

Tip your budtender?

I went to a dispensary today to get something for sleep. This isn't something I've done often, so I'm not sure of the etiquette. Should I have tipped? I knew exactly what I wanted, but he did advise me of what to try next.

Trevor Noah "End Of Days"

I hope I'm not replicating someone else's post, but this is worth a watch, IMO.


Link to Michelle Wolf's set at the WHCD, so you don't have to look for it

It's 20 minutes long.


Will the tRumps go to Barbara's funeral?

That's about my only interest in this thing. The Bush family hates 45, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of representation there is from the WH at Barbara's funeral.

Rolling Stone: Michael Cohen's criminal ties

Forgive me if this has already been posted, but there's an interesting article on the Rolling Stone site about Cohen's history. Sounds like he's up to his eyeballs in Russian mob, and has been his entire life. According to the article, he joined up with the Trump Organization in 2006. I want to cross-check dates, but is that when 45's businesses started doing better? (i.e. when he quit appearing to be the complete and utter business buffoon that he really is?)

(I deleted the link.)

Side effects from flu shot?

I got a flu shot at Walgreens two weeks ago. I expected my arm to hurt for a day or two, but it hurts more now than it did those first couple of days. I'm actually starting to get concerned that maybe the pharmacist who gave me the shot hit my bone. Tonight even my neck hurts on that side, but maybe it's from favoring my arm. I can hardly get a shirt on and off, and can't hold my grandson with that arm. Has anyone else suffered side effects from the shot?

Question about the temperature of snow

My husband claims that he was taught as a child that the temperature of snow doesn't go below 32 degrees. I don't understand how this could be true. I told him that we were given all kinds of misinformation as kids that scientists have since proven wrong, so maybe that's the case with his snow theory. Are there any experts here who could explain this to me?

We were discussing this because I had told him that there's no way that I would go to Time's Square on New Year's Eve when the temperature is so low. Actually I have no desire to ever go because it sounds like a nightmare to me. Apparently you have to get there about 12 hours early and you can't sit down at all, for the whole time, and there are no restrooms. I visited New York City last year and was astounded at the lack of public restrooms, even in restaurants where we dined.

Anyway, one thing led to another in our conversation about the temperature of snow. I would think that the temperature of snow would be the same as the temperature of the air surrounding it.
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